Glow resident Roberto Gonzalez pretty much summed it up during Steve’s set. “How do you go on after this?! Seriously man!! What am I supposed to play?”

Of course, when you’ve spun alongside the best in the world and Tiësto gives you a nickname, we’re pretty sure you can follow almost anything. To Roberto’s credit, he maintained high energy levels throughout Fur Nightclub, sending a crowd peaking on adrenaline through a gamut of hard-hitting trance and house. We were especially pleased to hear Tiësto – Lethal Industry (Richard Durand Remix), Dubfire – Roadkill (Breakfast 2010 Remix) and the perfect track to end an evening of utter madmess, Gabriel and Dresden – Mindcircus.

And now for the main attraction…

One thing is crystal clear. Just because you aren’t ranked in the DJ Mag Top 100 doesn’t mean you won’t bring 2000 people to the club. They came by plane, train and automobile; from local college campus’, the burbs, the block and beyond. DC nightlife converged on Fur Saturday night for a chance to see, without question, the wildest, most energetic DJ we have ever seen at Glow.

After his first stage dive (oh yes, there was more than one), our security booth guy looked over and simply said, “Wow. I have NEVER seen that happen here before.” The crowd surged, security personnel looked furious as mobs of hopped up Glow heads shook the room, pushing to the front in hopes of engaging Steve.

Aoki’s antics are unmatched in the world of dance music. His roots in punk and hardcore were evidenced early and often. It wasn’t just his reckless diving into the masses; but his stomping around on top of the decks, putting his foot on the frame and screaming at the top of his lungs; the spraying of champagne all over the crowd and then pouring it on those directly beneath him; and more of the hardcore-style screaming into the mic. Whether you’re a fan of trance, techno, ska, jazz, opera, rock, rap, or Justin Bieber, it doesn’t matter… The energy Steve Aoki brings to the table combined with the energy he elicits from his fans is what music is all about; letting loose, having a great time, a display of raw emotion. Steve Aoki provides the ultimate escape from reality.

Taking notes to write this review was pointless. The music took over. Putting the video camera down for just one second meant the possibility of missing one of the many amazing moments that occurred. We’re still in shock. According to Aoki it was the best gig in DC he’s ever had, spinning at a party as iconic as Glow (his words, not ours).

Of course, Steve can scream and dive from the heavens all he wants, but if the crowd isn’t there with him, his head is going to hurt in the morning. You guys were unbelievable. The girls in their headbands, neon leggings and All-Stars, the guys in their sun glasses, one-two-stepping throughout the club, raising people on their shoulders and hanging 10 on the dense crowd; it was too perfect.

After one last leap of faith, massive push and giant headache for security, Steve was returned to the booth amidst the avid chants of “AO-KI, AO-KI, AO-KI…” Whatever it was that happened on Saturday night, we’re still not sure, we know one thing for certain… it was something we had never seen.

“How am I supposed to follow THAT?!?!” – RG

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  1. Jimmy Dopez Canales says:

    That was by far the BEST party at FUR so far! It was amazing! Especially after Aoki grabbed my shirt and signed it for me at the end 🙂 AWESOME NIGHT!

  2. Craziest Party at a club Ive been to this year and that includes europe, cali, and Texas

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