We’ve always known that no matter how wild, crazy, cool DJ/Producers seem to be (or actually are); deep down they’re all tech junkies. They have to be in order to truly master the art of production. EQing, mixing, mastering, signal processing, summing, knowing about TDM, etc.; none of those things are simple. Anyone who says it’s easy to produce music or DJ (well) for that matter is an idiot. With that being said, it’s probably safe to say that Steve Duda’s mastery of DAWs, computer programming and DJ toys dwarfs that of most of his contemporaries.

Duda’s set at Lima incorporated Ableton Live, a drum machine plug in he invented called Nerve and a Lemur MIDI controller with his own customized interface. Are you still with us? We’re barely with us so it’s ok. Oh, and he had hardware for the drum machine!! That was pretty sick actually, you can check it out on Glow TV in the coming week!

But, it doesn’t matter how many cool DJ toys one has if they don’t know how to read a crowd and make proper track selections. Good thing Steve Duda knows his music!! As many know, his group BSOD (with Deadmau5) produces super tough, bass heavy, uber bouncy progressive house. Steve brought that flavor to Lima and DC Nightlife went nuts. The dance circle at one point was reminiscent of a 5AM floor at Pacha!

The track list was wobbly, bass-pushing and laced with blippy electro goodness. It included BSOD f. Marcie – Push it Harder, BSOD – Even More Sketchy, Static Revenger – Ooh la la (BSOD remix), WTF – Redic and BSOD – Saws and Squares.

You can learn more about the genius of Steve Duda, his unique set up and everything BSOD at steveduda.com

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