If you were there then you already know. So roughly 2000+ (unofficially) already know!! ☺ You would have thought for an event like this the line would have taken an hour. Yet at no point did anyone have to wait more than 10 minutes max to get in. That’s a very rare and surprising thing at a club of Fur’s magnitude.

Walking inside and hearing the music from the main room flowing throughout every room in the club reaffirmed that the magik, mystery and illusion of Tiësto is all encompassing. The feeling that something beyond the norm was about to happen could not be ignored. They waited, dazzled by the sounds of opening DJ Craig Pettigrew (Doman & Pettigrew, BPM Festival). And the thousands on hand began carving out their spots on the dance floor, determined not to leave no matter what.

Fur’s newly remodeled mezzanine provided amazing views of the floor from above. There are only three DJs who pack the club like that, and they are the top 3 in the world. The sea of humanity below was awesome and inspiring. To be together amongst that many people for the common purpose of experiencing a legend of dance music, that’s what EDM is all about. Glow has embodied that feeling longer than nearly every event in the US. Whenever the world’s best come to Glow, for many of them, they know that we were the first or second to book them this side of the pond. And for that, they show love by bringing out the big guns each and every time.

As Tiësto graced the decks around roughly 1am Fur erupted. The screams of “TI-ES-TO, TI-ES-TO,” were deafening. Arms were raised, drinks were thrown to the sky, bodies soared into the air and Tijs Verwest gazed upon his loyal fans with admiration. He blasted us track after track with house, electro and the dutch-house of new, the trance of old and everything in between. He spun hard, bright and crowd pleasing anthems all night long. It’s the sort of event that cannot be captured in words, with photos or on tape. Perhaps the three combined may depict the feeling, but as we all know, this was one of those times where you had to be there. But like we said… there were a lot of freaking people there!! Tiësto rocked, you rocked, and we’re pretty sure the foundation of the club rocked as well. In fact, it rocked so hard that Tiësto went until at least 4:30/4:45 and resident Roberto Gonzalez finished his closing set no earlier than 5am. When was the last time Fur not only open that late, but at capacity?! Riddle us that!

Yes folks, if you were there you experienced one of the best DJs and potentially the greatest trance producer of all time. It was the embodiment of dance music. And if you missed out… please do not wait until the last minute next time to buy your tickets!! Aahhh doooiiiiiii!!

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  2. […] tough to describe in words what happens you take DC Nightlife, Club Glow, and Tiësto and mix ‘em all together in the pot that is Fur […]

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