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Saturday, August 7, 2010, 5:57pm. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 9:26pm) Add comments

As the popularity of electro infinitely multiplies, Wolfgang Gartner remains at the forefront of this rapidly emerging electronic genre. It’s nearly impossible nowadays to go to a club without hearing some sort of electro-influenced track list. Whether it’s rap, hip-hop, house or indy rock, they are almost always enhanced by a wobbly bass line, tweaked voicing or hard, thumping bass lines. Often imitated (literally, people make songs and try to pass it off as his) but NEVER duplicated, Wolfgang Gartner has emerged at the top of the electro mountain, prepared to overtake any dance floor in his warpath.

Opening duties belonged to Glow iPad/DJ Contest finalist Rez-E. This local standout had the place packed early on with wild, glowstick-clad party freaks. Although he may have been dancing harder than any of them! Rez-E was the perfect choice to open for Gartner.

And as for the main act? The Texas twister? Oh yeah. Wolfgang Gartner entered that booth and banged out like no other. He stepped up to the decks, surveyed the scene, took a step back, crouched into attack position and began a relentless onslaught of bang out, wild ass electro thumpers (he played ‘Undertaker’ early on) The music was loud, the bass was engulfing and the crowd was absolutely amazing. From straight bangers he moved into a more lyric-oriented portion of his set (although still bangers, just with more words) which included Calvin Harris – Flashback (David Guetta Remix), a mix of Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony into Laidback Luke’s remix of ‘Heartbreaker’ that was just technically perfect. The chords from the symphony matched perfectly with John Legend’s lyrics. It was truly impressive. He also dropped a remix of Guetta and Kid Cudi’s ‘Memories,’ and an old school track that had Pete going nuts: A remix of the 1990 hit Adventures of Steve V – Dirty Cash. As the night wore on Gartner maintained the energy while taking his set deeper into house music with his Toolroom release w/ Mark Knight called ‘Conscindo.’

This was Wolfgang Gartner’s first time spinning DC Clubs and, well, we’ll give it to you straight from the horse’s mouth:

Holy shit Glow @ Lima DC — wowwwww. I know I know, DJ tweets saying how good the gig was but seriously, not frontin, that was amazing.”

– Wolfgang Gartner

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  1. Wolfgang Gartner was SPECTACULAR!!!!! From the time he opened his set, until the fog settled, Wolfgang Gartner turned LIMA DC into a feeding frenzy of Electro House Madness! Heavy kicks with solid bass and eardrum-shredding highs, Wolfgang presented a coherent mix of seamlessly transitional Electro House coupled with his masterful approach to Electronic Dance Music. ‘Undertaker’ was one of his first bangers, which, by the way, is his own genius of a track! Further on into the night, Wolfgang delivered punch after punch of banging electro selections that still have all of our ears ringing 😀


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