Roberto Gonzales opening for Sander van Doorn at Club Glow Washington DC

Roberto Gonzales opening for Sander van Doorn at Club Glow Washington DC

Those who go early to Glow are always rewarded. Sure there’s the free admission but the real treat is getting to hear one of the east coast’s best kept secrets, Glow resident Roberto Gonzales. RG stood behind the decks Saturday night at Fur and dropped track after track of deep, soul-bruising trance. His smooth approach and dope track selection are a deadly combination. Many of us take for granted the skills of an opener, yet week in and week out he sets the bar for the best the world has to offer. And speaking of… Roberto was opening for DJ Mag’s 10th ranked Sander van Doorn!

Crowd at Sander van Doorn at club glow

The crowd cheering for Sander van Doorn at Club Glow

There’s a reason SvD goes by the name Purple Haze; he’s heady as fuck. Every week the old school Glow heads say the same thing, “trance was the best 5 years ago… ‘so-and-so’ is losing his touch… too much cheese.” Not Saturday night. No sir. On Saturday night the comment was, “Now THIS is a DJ.”

Sander van Doorn djing at club glow dc

Sander van Doorn blasting it at Glow!

Sander wore a giant grin throughout the night. As we stood in awe of the lights, the sounds and the DJ, the DJ stood in awe of us. No wonder the OGs of DC Clubbing were impressed. He began with steady uplifting trance, putting smiles on the faces of everyone. Slowly but surely he worked the room; speeding up, getting more and more progressive; then going back and forth from euphoric mind shattering bridges, cavernous drops and uplifting melodies to rumbling progressive synths. He zapped our minds. Sander was everywhere and it was brilliant; a masterfully constructed set, reminiscent of the glory days. Then again, perhaps under Sander van Doorn these ARE the glory days.

Sander van Doorn smiling with excitement

Typical Sander van Doorn excitement!

Highlights included Purple Haze – Bastillion, Sander van Doorn – Ninety, Sander van Doorn – Renegade (Trance Energy 2010 Theme) and John O’Callaghan – Find Yourself (Heatbeat remix). He closed things out with his bootleg of One Republic – Apologize. He spent quite a bit of time after the event meeting and greeting with fans. It just goes to show that he remembers where he came from and what it feels like to be in the audience (which he later commented on).

SvD djing at Glow washington dc

SvD DJing at Club Glow Washington DC

For more on Sander check Glow TV in the coming weeks for a post-show interview delving into topics such as Sander’s production process, DJ techniques, who he likes to work with and the ‘roller-coaster ride’ it’s been for him since he debuted in the DJ Mag Top 100 three and a half years ago. You can also check him out on the cover of the March issue of Electronic Dance Magazine (EDM) where it poses the question, “Is Sander van Doorn the next #1?”

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By Ravi Bayanker

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  1. Vikas says:

    It was such a sick night, love SVD….waiting to see him again in DC

  2. Mo Tareeq says:

    Good review except when I heard Roberto 6-7 months ago at Glow I was not impressed. He sucks. His set at the time was boring and was all over the place. He as no flow. He’s one reason I don’t go back. Who wants to wait 3 hours being bored out of their mind until the headlining DJ goes on. There’s a reason why he opens week in and week out. It’s because Glow doesn’t give anyone else a chance. The best kept secrets in DC are the other DJ’s and real producers and they are kept secret because they don’t play at DC’s primary large venue. It’s apparant that this person reviewing the night is biased. This is the result of lack of competition and turned into a monopoly of one shady promotion company Glow.

  3. Pete says:

    Hi Mo, thanks for the feedback. Now, if you didn’t like Roberto’s set then that is your opinion. Maybe that night it wasn’t to your taste. All I can say to that is, give him another chance. He is great and he and our other resident Rich Webb truly represent “the sound of Glow”. We tried having different people on different weeks…but something was lost in that. We felt that in order to build a weekly, consistent following we needed to establish “the sound of Glow”. Before that we had different locals every week and there was no consistency in our sound. We encourage the residents to play for the crowd, while educating them. However, they must also respect the headliners and not “bang it out” or play too hard. They need to play for the crowd, and set up the headliner who is trying to get his musical message across. In other words, it’s not easy being the opener (I was resident for the first 7+ years of Glow).

    Have fun,
    Pete Moutso

  4. eric says:

    Im going to have to agree with Mo on this one. Roberto must have just been not feeling it this night. Have never been disappointed when Rich Webb opens. He should always be the resident DJ to open for big djs or give someone else a chance. Roberto was really bad on this night and could have played more sander van doorn type music to play to his audience. Too bad Rich wasnt opening ;(

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