Sharam Gets Wild!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009, 9:11pm. (Updated: 11/09/13 at 5:14pm) Add comments

Sharam at Ultrabar For GLOW Events in Washington DC

Many know Sharam Tayebi as one half of the house act, Deep Dish. However, now, Sharam is taking on his own world tour in support of his two disc CD compilation, “Get Wild.”  He doesn’t like to limit himself when speaking about his style and doesn’t want to sound like the flavor of the day.  Sharam stands by his position and “does not subscribe” to the formality of fitting in with what music trends are but instead produces and plays what he likes.  He is not a caged animal that is constrained to his environment and was translated and applied to how he came up with “Get Wild.”

Swaying away from visuals of futuristic simulations, euphoric images of oceans and the Balearic spirit, Sharam set out to cross into a genre of images that no one ever associates and marries to dance music—pistol sharp cowboys and tumble weeded ghost towns.

When I asked Sharam was he a cowboy fan (referring to the western theme) he replied, “Well, it’s ironic [laughs] that I am actually a Cowboy fan.”  Fellow Washingtonians, you heard right, Sharam is not a Redskins fan.  But that had nothing to do with his decision to incorporate the lone star theme with this tour.  His message  is congruent with the track listings of this two-disc set that his music doesn’t fit in just one genre, ranging from tracks that hover elements of Patsy Cline’s “Strange” from Kid Cudi to a remix tribute to the Rick James’ produced,“Party all the time” (sang by Eddie Murphy) and even Tommy Lee’s short opus on “Sweat.” Who would have ever thought the famous drummer could play the piano?

The rodeo does not come to a halt but continues with the release of another album titled ‘Short Cuts’, which is just that, a mini version of “Get Wild” , in which, Sharam picked eleven tracks that  were cut down to three to four minutes per song.

Being on the road a lot makes Sharam love coming back home to Washington, DC, “I take for granted driving myself to the club when I DJ and being able to go [my] home afterwards” He compares it to playing a game at home. Welcome this native resident and support Sharam at GLOW in Ultrabar nightclub and lounge tonight.

Dee Sanae

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