Jon Deke at Club Glow Washington DC

Photo by Tania Martinez Hauyon

Lima Restaurant & Lounge has completed a presidential term in the realm of DC Clubbing. Four years ago it ran on the DC Nightlife ticket of the casual connoisseur, fusing food, wine, music and style. It’s menu, ingrained with South American zest, can be described as containing saporous delights that tingle the spot at the back of your jaw just below the ear. Lima has remained consistent over time, a feet not easily accomplished in today’s ‘revolving-door’ restaurant industry. With a secluded bar on the restaurant level and main bar with an outdoor patio (year-round) on the ground, Lima has excelled in providing patrons with the experience of being at multiple venues without ever leaving the premises. This experience has been magnified to the fullest with the recent premier of Glow Thursdays. Lima’s lower level already serves as one of the best clubs in DC. Sleek and intimate, Lima’s Nightclub is the perfect escape from the reckless party kid’s playground. With Glow now hosting Thursday nights, one can eat, drink and experience the world’s best DJs up close and personal.

This past Thursday belonged not to the world’s best, but to DC’s finest. Long time Glow resident Dan Sampson warmed the crowd with a vibe DC partygoers have appreciated for nearly a decade. Taking over for Sampson was Glow’s secret weapon, as advertised. Make no mistake, Jon Deke has got serious range. Whether you’re an underground purist or someone who just wants to dance, Deke provides the necessary spark to electrify an evening. Whether it’s the mind twisting, wild out style of Afrojack and Guetta or the underground house sound of Nic Fanciulli, Mr. Deke is able to adapt, shift and transform. He’s a chameleon, changing with the mood of the crowd. Tracks included Larry Tee f. Roxy Cottontail – Let’s Make Nasty, Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You and even a remix of Drake – Forever. Now that’s range. Serious range.

With a restaurant, lounge and nightclub spanning 3 floors it’s hard to imagine how the minds behind Lima could take it to the next level, but progression is a necessity in DC. With Glow setting the tone for the next 4 years, enter Vetro. Opening in the coming months, Vetro @ Lima will be a members-only lounge designed for upscale private parties. The room is clean, airy, slick and oozing with opulence. It is still under wraps to the point that photographs have not been released.

Experience Glow @ Lima every Thursday and enjoy the finer things in life without all the pomp, pretense and political underpinnings of Washington High Society. Support 4 more years of Lima!!! Hope. Clubbing we can believe in.

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