The Art of Marco V

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One of a long time respected producer in the Netherlands remains In: Charge and is launching his newest manifesto called T.A.O.  A concept based on endless art forms that we create.  T.A.O is still in the developmental stages as the construction and production is closely managed by Marco V, himself.  The design of this project will be finalized at the end of this year.  The name comes from many different inspirations including the philosophy of Taoism.  As Tao Te Ching states that Tao is universal and indescribable, this is also with the form of art and how open Marco wanted to keep his new brand. “The idea I wanted to do was something new.  I came up with this from the whole djing thing and what is involved.  I wanted to recognize that the music, light effects, dancers and visuals—they are all kinds of the art form.  That’s where the name comes in, The Art of music, The Art of events, The Art of producing and so on.”

According to Wikipedia, Tao is nameless, goes beyond distinctions, and transcends language.  If you know anything about Marco V’s style he has always produced his music with hints of different genres, and no critic or music enthusiast could ever put a “label” on what he made.   One thing for sure is that his perfectionism always led to high voltage tracks that when heard it had the V sound.   ‘Indicator’, ‘Simulated’, ‘Godd, ‘Second Bite’, ‘More Than A Life Away’, ‘Red Blue Purple’, ‘Coma Aid’ and his remixes of classics such as ‘Café Del Mar’ were immediate anthems that could be played over and over.

With T.A.O events also comes a new record label (with the same title).  On that will be four new tracks with the first release out next month. ‘Zero One’, Reaver, Sticker and the last one is unnamed but will be named a Dutch name. “These tracks are hard to describe and it’s different from my In: Charge trance. It’s something different that I can’t describe, I was thinking of a name for it, but I can’t, you will just have to listen.  Actually a guy in Holland came up with the term tech-trance to describe that genre so it would be interesting to see how people feel about this music.”  A new mix compilation will be released with the launch of T.A.O and is expected to be out at the end of September. Marco informs us, “It’s going to be put alot of new productions and interestingly half artist album and compilation.”

The kickoff for T.A.O will start in the fall Heeswijk-Dinther, Marco’s hometown.  The venue of choice is located in the middle of the forest near an old castle.  It is an open air middle century theatre.  His set will last four hours with sensory overload for all that attend.  With attention to every artistic detail, this will be a show stopper for all fans but also the nature surrounding.  Marco’s intentions for this it to lengthen his set and play between 4 to 8 hours and maybe even stretch to ten hours as he takes this show in other cities worldwide.  Those dates will not be confirmed until later this year.  Along with him will be his long time studio mate for over ten years, Benjamin Bates and Derrick Daali

When asked which of his productions are his most prized, Marco candidly answered, “My most prized productions back home is Simulated, in the UK its False Light, Middle East its Second Bites and other countries it seems to be Unprepared.  So it varies depending on which part of the world is listening.  As for my favorite track, I think for most producers it’s their latest production.  I put my heart and soul in the production I just released.” When time is provided, Marco hopes to join Sander van Doorn in the studio as he expresses that they are on the same wave length when it comes to producing.

GLOW DC hasn’t seen Marco V in a while due to the blizzard earlier this year.  His effervescence will keep the dance floor moving with his new T.A.O music, energy, usual gimmicks and “Loops and Tings.”  Expect to hear a redub of WTNF (When the Night Falls) and when noted that GODD was one of my favorites, Marco tells me that he has just made a new remix of that track, which he will be showcasing on Thursday.  So in light of T.A.O, Marco responds to what he wants to be remembered by as an artist, “As an artist, the main thing is having a good time on the dance floor.  And the good thing about my music is throughout the years, through the test of time, after ten years are making good tracks.  Tracks that leave you with memories or a hook or melody that stands out.  It is difficult job to do this every time you produce but what he lives by is this simple motto, “”Alles komt goed.” And everything will be more than fine for his V:ans.

-Dee Sanae

For more information on Marco V: Twitter: @marcov

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