5. James Zabiela’s technical skills are unmatched. He’s a scratching, looping, effects wielding renegade!! So much so in fact that Pioneer hired him to help create the CDJ-2000, which happens to be every DJ in the world’s new favorite toy.

4. When it comes to club brands, nothing in the UK is bigger than Renaissance. The Renaissance mix series was actually the first club mix series ever (1994: Sasha and Digweed). James Zabiela has recorded the latest installment of the Renaissance Masters series, entitled “Life,” and it will be free for the first 500 people who arrive at Lima.

3. Zabiela started out as a bedroom DJ. He passed out mixtapes, eventually won a contest and then Lee Burridge passed the tape on to Sasha. The rest is history. That’s called hope for all you aspiring DJs.

2. You get to see this seasoned technical genius for free at Lima using the Glow fan pass.

1. Deadmau5 used to open for HIM.

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