Enferno + Chachi: Sat 4/2 [Glow at Fur]

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GLOW Washington DC presents:

DJ Enferno

DJ Chachi

Saturday, April 2 2011
Fur Nightclub 33 Patterson St NE
Doors Open at 10pm, Ages 18+

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From: DC, NYC

Style: Mash-up/house/top 40

Best Known For: Enferno – Touring with Madonna on her Sticky and Sweet Tour, creating the Live Remix Project | Chachi – Producing ‘Love is Blind’ with Alicia Keys.

House music’s foray into the mainstream is evidenced by your 2011 PoP! Nightlife at Ultrabar residents. Originally pigeonholed under the ‘hip-hop/rock/mash-up’ bubble, these guys have managed to break conventional barriers and lay everything down to the sexy pulse of house music. And lay it down well!

This is not pop. This is Glow!

DJ Enferno, a DC native, won the 2003 US DMC Championship and was runner-up in the international competition that same year. He is one of the most technically gifted DJs in the world. Past DMC champs from the EDM world include Bad Boy Bill and A-Trak. As of late, Enferno has been on a remix tear, delivering a crazy variety meshing elements of Dutch house, melodic/uplifting house and electro into something completely unique.

Chachi’s NY roots have inspired him to release some of the dopest mash-up mixtapes around. His ‘Split Personalities” series throws the freshest music into a boiling pot, mixes it up and serves it over a bed of thumping house rhythms. When Chachi spins, he truly is the life of the party.


The word “pioneer” is tossed around a lot these days. Unfortunately, most of the time its used to describe those undeserving of the title. Not the case with DJ Enferno. His story started out like so many others – a young man with an ear for good music and some untapped talent playing the local circuit while creating a buzz for himself. That’s about as typical as the story would be. See, Enferno put those skills to work by entering the world of competitive DJing. After placing as a finalist against the best in the country, he went on to win his first U.S. DMC Championship the very next year in 2003 – the first from his hometown to do so. The humble kid from DC went on to represent the United States in the World DJ Championship placing first runner-up. A national title and global recognition wouldn’t stop Enferno. Always the innovator, he went to work creating a new type of performance that would soon set the bar for DJs everywhere. Enter the Live Remix Project – a one-man symphony featuring an array of turntables, instruments, effects and samplers, that combines on-the-spot music creation with the energy of a live audience. The Live Remix Project quickly became a hit and with the merits and accolades came notoriety. Enferno was on the move, playing clubs all over the U.S., Europe, and Asia while making impressions and connecting with fans directly. As the masses took notice, so did his peers. So much so that in 2008, Madonna approached him to be a part of what would become one of the most successful world tours in history – The Sticky & Sweet Tour. Time spent traveling the world with the most successful pop star of our time while entertaining millions (yes, millions) of fans further established Enferno’s reputation as one of the world’s most innovative live performers. Life on the road as a full-time DJ is a lot of action, but it wasn’t enough. How could he take his encyclopedia-like musical knowledge and award winning technical skills to the next level and create something truly original? How could he give back to the craft that gave him so much and be a pioneer? Enferno is once again changing the game by producing some of the coldest beats out. In a few short years, he went from remixing songs on his laptop while on tour to one of the industry’s most sought after up and coming producers, banging out tracks for some of the most influential artists in the world. And he’s not even close to finished. Once in a generation a mind comes along that really pushes the envelope and maxes out the potential of its available resources, technology, talent and skill. Enferno is that mind, bringing about change to a lost genre desperately looking to find its way. Call it evolution …

New York-based DJ Chachi recently sent out a message on Facebook offering fans a free gift bag with CDs, t-shirts and assorted other merchandise. He prepared 12 bags; a few extra than he thought he needed just to be on the safe side. Within 24 hours, over 300 people from across the country flooded his inbox with requests. “Years ago, I didn’t realize this deejaying thing had legs and I had no idea how far the rabbit hole would go,” says the 26-year-old deejay. “Back then, success was just trying not to get screwed out of money. Now that things are going well, I don’t take it for granted. I don’t expect people to know who I am.” Too late. What started over a decade ago at small private parties in Long Island is now a full-time job, as Chachi continues to establish himself as one of the country’s most formidable deejays. Utilizing a diverse, open-format approach to music, Chachi now holds court at some of the country’s most popular clubs, as well as providing the aural memories to countless celebrities’ birthdays (that was Chachi you heard if you were fortunate enough to get into Britney Spears’ bash at Tenjune). In a short period of time, DJ Chachi has become as famous as the celebrities that rock out to him. When he was 13, a young DJ Chachi would accompany his older cousin, a deejay himself, to various parties and watch in awe and amazement as primitive equipment gave rise to joyful exuberance. “I used to carry my cousin’s records for him to the gigs,” recalls the 26-year-old. “The setup was as bootleg as you could get. There was no fancy lighting or equipment, but it was raw. It was just people having fun and dancing to music they love.” Observing the tables led to practicing incessantly on them, cutting his teeth at local parties and eventually landing a gig at Exit, the famed NYC nightclub home to some of the most famous deejays in the world. At 18 years old, the fledgling deejay was already spinning the famed red hip-hop room and destroying the competition. Meanwhile, the trained audio engineer was simultaneously working a full-time job at Audio Mixers studio and recording artists himself in The Boiler Room, the home studio he built in the basement of his house. As the resume increased, Chachi’s name became more and more synonymous with the nation’s hottest clubs. Stereo called. Then Home. Then…you get the idea. Now, the deejay counts Tenjune, mur.mur at Borgata, Axis/Radius (Scottsdale, AZ) and Shrine at Foxwoods among his numerous residencies. LIV at Fountainbleu in Miami. Lumen in Chicago. Pure and LAX in Las Vegas. These days, Chachi knows some stewardesses on a first-name basis. Monkeys can be trained to play a song; but only the elite can scan any place in any city in the country and instantaneously gauge, and react to, the vibe of the room. “I feel like there’s a lost art to reading a crowd,” says Chachi. “It’s not just jumping on the tables and spinning. It’s playing a song, taking a step back and seeing how people are reacting. There are deejays that can play the Top 40 hits, but there’s only so long you can play that for. For me, it’s about the crowd being in sync with what I’m doing; me and them never actually speaking but communicating through music.” That mindset, coupled with a tireless work ethic (“My turntables are right at the end of my bed,” says the deejay), has made Chachi a household name in both clubbing and celebrity circles, with Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Paris Hilton and Eva Mendes all showing love to the deejay. His work has been profiled everywhere from Us Weekly and In Touch to New York Post and Philadelphia Daily News and he has long transcended his status as “New York’s hottest DJ” into a national phenomenon. There’s a reason why hundreds of people line up at the club whenever Chachi comes through. Now it’s time to find out for yourself.



Bass Down Low (DJ Enferno Remix) by djenferno

Rocketeer (DJ Enferno Remix) by djenferno

Far East Movement – Like A G6 (DJ Enferno Remix) by djenferno

Lil Wayne Talks Dirty – DJ CHACHI Rmx (Lil Wayne Vs Wynter Gordon) by DJ Chachi

Over Two Years (Drake Vs. Mstrkrft) SP2 Leak 1 by DJ Chachi

Drake – Find Your Love (DJ Enferno Remix) by djenferno

The D.R.A.M.A. Kings – Ordinary Life (DJ Enferno Remix) by djenferno

Hyper Crush – Kick Us Out (DJ Enferno Remix) – 320kbps by djenferno

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