Life in Color Festival: 9/21 at RFK Stadium Grounds

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013, 10:30am. (Updated: 11/09/13 at 5:12pm) Add comments
Life in Color, Glow DC, Panorama Productions and Steez pres.

Life in Color Festival DC
“The World’s Largest Paint Party”

2 Stages • Day/Night Event

12th Planet, Adventure Club, Afrojack
Borgore, Cazzette, David Solano
Headhunterz, Le Castle Vania, Nicky Romero
R3hab, Savoy, Showtek, Xkore
and more

Attractions include ferris wheel, zip line, air bungee, dunk tank, tropical slide and more!

Saturday September 21, 2013
RFK Stadium Grounds
Doors at 2PM. Ages 18+

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Life in Color (formerly Dayglow) brings its first-ever festival and largest concert to date to Washington, DC on Saturday September 21. Expect massive DJs, 10’s of thousands of fans, amazing festival attractions and a million billion trillion gallons of paint!

We brought you the largest Dayglow ever in September 2012. It’s time to Glow harder or Glow the f*** home!

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  1. BuddhaMike says:

    Ravi, How soon before artists are announced? Thanks.

  2. Dee says:

    Multiple DJs?!?!? If it starts at 2pm what time is it looking to finish??

  3. jose says:

    when will ticket be avialable again

  4. Duncan Anderson says:

    FYI everyone, Nicky Romero just announced his north american tour and he is playing DC on 9/21, so odds are he is one of the DJs at this event. Pretty great.

  5. E says:

    What do VIP tixs get you?

  6. kelly says:

    I am trying to buy the tickets but no tickets left! Help

  7. Bang says:

    I predict the third headline will be David Guetta

  8. Mauricio says:

    Good lineup, HORRIBLE event. Don’t let the aftermovie from last year fool you…it sucked ass. I’ve never been in a worse crowd in my LIFE. No one even knew who Dada Life and Bingo Players were…everyone was shoving trying to get to the front so you couldn’t even dance…some girl had the nerve to tell me to CALM DOWN just because I was miserable and tried to do SOME dancing. The only time the crowd got even remotely excited is when they were firing the paint. I hate the type of crowd LIC attracts. Full of posers, instagram whores and drunk annoying bros. I wouldn’t recommend going to any LIC event to anyone. Just to clear things up: GLOW rocks, LIC sucks.

    • Lucy says:

      That’s one thing I don’t understand. I love EDM more than anything and several of my DJs are going to be here. But I hesitant in going because 1) I kinda don’t care about being covered in paint 2) I don’t want to deal with People who feel so entitled to act like complete a-holes, especially the women!

      I’ve been to wonderful EDM festivals all over the country and people for the most part are extremely friendly. So few pushed and shoved. People actually say “Excuse me” when trying to get through, which actually shocked me the most. Not many little posers or children. But of course these festivals are expensive as hell and so most of the attendees are true fans to EDM.

      Ravers are all about the P.L.U.R. lifestyle. Peace – Love – Unity – Respect. You’re there to have a good time. Not to act like a complete douche or a-hole. This is to the effin women especially! I went to a Guetta concert a few months ago in DC and the crowd was by far the worst EVER. And that one of the things i was worried about because Guetta is pretty commercialized. But I went anyway and regretted it. The stupid little kids had no respect for anyone. They would just push and shove and start pointless fights. Hardly anyone danced. Instead they were like, ErMaGerd! I want to go up front so that I can take videos the whole time and when I’m not, I’ll take selfies! WOO! Look stupid little girls, I don’t care if you take a video of the entire thing or take a shit ton of selfies with the flash ON and blinding the eff out of everyone around you. But DON’T think it’s okay to push and shove people when trying to wiggle to the front. Be nice about it. It’s not that hard.

      Oh and to the d-bags who bring their iPads out and record the concerts the ENTIRE time. Seriously? You’re clearly shameless, but an iPad? I hope someone breaks it while you’re attempting to record another concert.

      So enough my rant. But like I said before, ravers are all about PLUR. Have a great time. Dance the night away. Don’t be an a-hole for no reason. It’s unnecessary and honestly, you will piss someone off enough that they will not hesitate to knock you out. Trust me – I already taught one stupid girl a lesson. Best part was – I didn’t get kicked out, but she did :).

      Be nice people! And rave on!

  9. Kay rose says:

    I need to know how to get food vendor spot at LIC Washington, D.C.

  10. Kdawg says:

    Anyone know what time this event will end in DC. Also, any chance they will reveal set times?

    Thank You

  11. john says:

    Do they really check IDs to make sure you are 18+???

  12. Brandon says:

    How many gallons of paint are used at the concerts?

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