I will be flat out honest, I have never been to a music festival until this year. Between a lack of transportation and people I could rope into going with me, it just never happened. However, after watching countless after movies and Snapchat stories of some of the biggest festivals in the world I thought I would have a pretty good grip on what a music festival consists of. Imagine my surprise when I talked to my coworkers and did some research and realized that everything I thought was wrong. So, for all my other festival newbies out there this guide is for you. It’ll break down some of the myths and help you to have a safe and fun time at Moonrise.

Be Smart – Tent Edition

You know when your parent would leave you in the car with a window cracked as they run into the store for “just one thing” and you felt like you would suffocate in the heat? Ya, that’s kinda what the tents feel like. There is little to no air filtration and you know that famous saying of hot area rises? That is the epitome of what happens in these tents. Now,  that seems like a pretty bleak picture, but what I’m trying to get at is that the tents are badass (artists such as RL Grime, Getter, and Borgeous will be in the Solar tent this year),  you just need to be smart. Know that there will be fans, but there is the possibility that people will stand right in front of them, not allowing anyone else to feel the sweet, sweet relief of a light breeze.  Our best suggestion is to stand by the sides where there will be more room to move and get out if need be and, of course, the best way to beat the heat of the tent is to hang at the back. Also, always always always stay hydrated and don’t be afraid to yell to get out of a crowd if you feel yourself overheating.

It Won’t be THAT Loud

I can’t be the only one to assume that because it’s in an open area that it won’t be that loud right? In comparison to the closed doors of a club where all sound is confined in a tiny little space, you would think a festival couldn’t be louder than that. Well, I was very wrong. Everything is turned up to the max so that you really feel that bass all the way in the back. Not to mention that the festival grounds themselves are loud. Vendors yelling prices to people who just stood at the Solar tent for 5 hours and forgot ear protection, to that one girl who is always screaming “Where’s Becky?? We lost Becky!”, festivals are never a calm and quiet area. Also, thousands upon thousands of people are in one area and everyone feels like their voice is the most important in the crowd. Yes, it will be overwhelming at first and yes it will feel like there is no possible way it could get louder, but it will. Bring some ear plugs and find a semi-quiet place every so often to regroup and get your bearings. It may seem like a good idea to jump in head first on the first day, but it’s better to pace yourself and not overexert on your first time there.

Everyone’s Worst Nightmare: Phones Aren’t Necessarily Reliable

We as a society have come to depend on our phones and no time is more important to have a functioning cell phone then when you are in a strange place. Get separated from your group? Call a friend. Need to take a rad selfie to show all your friends? Fire up that Snapchat. Want to know where your favorite artist is playing next? Good old Safari/Chrome is there for you. The only thing to think about though is that everyone in a 2-mile radius is doing the same thing. Essentially what is happening is that when there are so many people on the WiFi/Internet in one space the servers try to accommodate everyone, slowing down the service. Sometimes the servers can get so bogged down that phones may not even be able to connect at all. No need to worry though because at some point your phone will reconnect to the WiFi/ Internet and all will be fine, but just in case make sure to establish a designated meeting place for your group in case people get separated.

Hydration is Key

This is probably the most important piece of advice you can ever get. It may seem like something that would be obvious, but so many people frequently forget to continue to drink water and then quickly get dehydrated in the heat. Since it is your first festival, you may feel like you are Superman and that you know your body well enough to know you are thirsty. While that may be the case in other circumstances, be on the safe side and assume you know nothing. The best rule of thumb is to take the amount of water you drink on a daily basis and multiply it by 3 for the festival so as to avoid being uncomfortable. Also, while there will be the fabulous Star Team walking around with water for you to have if you need it, be proactive and bring your own water bottle/ camelback so you have water instantly when you need it. All in all, as long as you are smart and continue to stay hydrated, the weekend will go by without a hitch.

  • Pro tip from the Glow Staff: drink a bunch of water the day before. Trust us, it’ll make all the difference the next day.

Keep Calm and Carry On

This is the easiest tip: just have fun and don’t stress. A lot of people say that attending a music festival is one of the best moments of their life. I mean what could be better than being wrapped up in music for 12+ hours with some of your favorite artists and your best friends, feeling as if summer will never end? With that being said, it’s important to just go with the flow. Not only does that mean compromising with your friends, but also being aware that this is a massive festival with thousands of moving parts and sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Artists may be late trying to get from one end of the grounds to the other, there may be malfunctions with hardware considering the festival takes place in the middle of a horse race track, and maybe, just maybe, someone in the crowd is a dick and ruins a set. Shit happens. However, that doesn’t mean the whole day is a bust, just get yourself some water and some shade and always have a positive attitude.

And with that, you are ready for your first festival experience! Of course, while reading an article may help you prepare at least somewhat for the upcoming festivities, nothing will ever compare to the event. So make sure to have a fun and safe first festival experience and if you have a question or concern, never hesitate to ask someone. See you on the other side friends😜

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