John O'Callaghan: Irishman and Trance Master

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John O'Callaghan“John is one of the most talented trance and tech trance producers/DJs out there at the moment. What makes him stand out is the consistent quality of his arrangements and his capability to make an easy transition from a trancy to a more techy sound.” Sander Van Doorn

John O’Callaghan was voted number 24 in the DJ Mag last year and debuted himself in 2008 on BBC Radio 1. John conveys how he moved on up, “Until recently I had been very quiet in the poll but I had a couple of big tracks, like Find Yourself which really brought my name to a bigger audience. Also thanks to working with Armada who did a great job promoting me my name was around a lot more. I also have a strong team here in Ireland and am grateful to all the Irish fans that voted for me.” In Ireland he has the title of Best Producer and Best DJ for two years back to back.

O’Callaghan has put Ireland on the map in the dance music world. In 2008, he became the first Irishman to play on the main stage at Trance Energy. Callaghan is also very excited about his Subculture night that he has started. The start of this night followed after his completion of his first Subculture compilation series. His next one is up around October of this year. “The scene is buzzing in Ireland at the moment. I’m really excited about my own Subculture nights, which we do every few months, so far they have been packed and I can’t wait for the next one on June 6th. I got into this music really as a teenager, I just picked it up as a slight interest and it grew from there. As I was really into technology too it seemed to go hand in hand to try out production.”

Speaking of productions, O’Callaghan put his skills into effect 6 years ago and had dance hits such as The Chamber, Exactly and Space and Time. He has also produced under the alias J.O.C (Joint Operations Centre). John comments that Ireland has a sound that is harder than the common Euro sound and has allegiance to Hard House or Techno but as of now they like “less floaty, more energy.”

John has many things planned for the rest of 2010. We should look out for a new album from him next year. He doesn’t really know what style he will commit himself to, so he will leave up to whatever his imagination and feelings take him to at that moment. And as he concludes, “Every day is different.” For the summer, he will be in a Cream resident in Ibiza and playing at Global Gathering events worldwide, he discloses he will also be touring Australia and Holland in the fall. “I have a big tune coming up with Thomas Bronzwaer, but my album tracks at the moment have some really exciting demos under way. I am extremely busy but loving it!” Be on the lookout for John’s single for the summer, Desert Orchid. John has made some killer remixes of tunes by artists, John Askew, Agnelli and Nelson, and Filo and Peri.

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