Takeover with the Maases: Mutant Clan

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This artist has come out of yet another cocoon. He’s a more sophisticated specimen now, one that has novel ideas and plans for the new and improved Maas. He didn’t come alone this time and has created a “Mutant Clan.” The other part of Mutant Clan, is an Italian native by the name of Santos. Their relationship started many years ago but rekindled about three years. Since then, Santos has literally become “farmhouse neighbors” and as Timo asserts, “Soul brothers and [we] started producing music together. As we always change, we are some kind of “Mutants” [laughs].”

Exploring different realms and experimenting is where his head is, but then again it’s always been there and worked from bridging the “Maas” flavor with remixes and songs from Kelis, Madonna, and Brian Molko. “I always loved the experiment… exactly the bridge between cool and pop, without losing any of the ingredients.”

What makes up Timo’s sound? He introduced a fusion of house, break beat synths and tribal drum beats in one. In tracks like Orinoko’s Mama Konda, Timo made, captured and kept the essence of distinct native vocals and made a hit for the dance floor. Music for the Maases, (play on words from Depeche Mode’s Music for the Masses) was the album that showed the avant-garde artist’s genius ability. This was released around the time raves were dying down, but Timo introduced a new funky sound that incorporated genres that weren’t fully developed at that time. And for the ones that only liked a certain type of genre, Timo’s productions made everyone want to get up and move around. Timo was definitely way before his time and helped fuse the 80’s and 90’s into the new millennium of dance music. Track remixes like Ubik (rocked out and released on Paul Oakenfold’s label, Perfecto), Der Schieber (personal favorite mix is part 1), Doom’s Night, and Lustral-Everytime (his psychedelic touch) are prime examples of Timo’s signature style. His remixes always stayed to true to the essence of his sound without stripping the song’s originality. “I do very diverse styles with different projects. As I don`t like categorizing, I would love to leave this to you. [smiles] There`s deep house, techno, house, tribal, trippy under TM, Mutant Clan or Rockets & Ponies or Lost Veteranos. I told you I like the experiment.”

As his website bio addresses how the industry has changed and is like a lost child. Laka, writer and friend of Timo’s, explains the soul of where Maas came from and where his journey has led him. Timo told me, “Since this bio was written, many things happened. Things have developed.”

The names that Timo has chosen for his new ventures are unique and nothing short of peculiar. Other than a new duo moniker and his new found imprint, “Rockets and Ponies”, Timo lets us the label’s first release …”OWN by Adam Port & Santé is causing serious trouble with big DJ support. [There are] more releases to follow by, Santos, Alex Dolby, Riva Starr, Giorgio Roma and obviously myself.” A new studio album is in the works for this DC10 resident. “It`s about time! I started recordings with some very good musicians. What comes out? We`ll see next year…or better hear!” If his productions don’t fit on his release profile and imprint, Timo has no problem going to other labels which he points out, “Generally it`s a fact, that every label has different kind of followers.”

Timo loves to live by the German phrase, “Feierabend,” which means to enjoy yourself and your personal life after putting in days of hard work. Equivalent phrase that I personally love is work hard, play harder and I am sure Timo does and enjoys time as a father to his inquisitive little girl.

It’s been quite some time since we were privileged to see Timo. But according to Timo, he says CLUB GLOW can expect, “some deep intense trip!” He is excited for his return and always has a great time in DC!

-Dee Sanae

Come out to see the new Timo as he plays with Joris Voorn at Lima this Thursday, “Feierabend”!

For more information on Timo, please visit www.timomaas.com, www.myspace.com/timomaas, and on Twitter @timomaaslive

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