Funkerman at Club GlowBeing one-third of Flamingo Records, Funkerman aka Ardie van Beek has established himself in the midst of tech, funk and house. At the age of 14, djing became a pastime and stayed with him even after he received his degree and worked in economics. Music for many including Funkerman has always been a part of his life. He used to be a booking agent and for none other than his fellow neighbor, Tiesto, which is from the same town.

Funkerman is the counterpart to songs that you have heard Fedde le Grand drop in his mixes. Funkerman’s songs and collaborations include a song that marked Flamingo nights in Ibiza, “New Life,” another track that was used on an Xbox karaoke game, “Speed Up”, and “Wheels in Motion.” Look for the new remixes of New Life. “This track is such a special story, because I think the first version was out years ago and then the version on Fedde’s album came out with and recently all the remixes. I prefer to play our big room mix. There’s always one person responding to that! [laughs]

He seems to be breaking out of the business side of things and is coasting right into his artistic brand. So how did he end up with the other two thirds of Flamingo, Fedde le Grand and Raf? “I knew Raf for about 3 years before Fedde and I met. Raf’s brother married a good friend of mine and we were both really interested in music. So that was easy [laughs] Fedde and I was resident DJ’s at the same club. We agreed on a lot of tracks and at some point I took the risk of starting Flamingo Recordings.” The vision behind Flamingo Records was to have the autonomy of releasing their own creations without the bustle of A&R and label managers. At the time Funkerman says, “They didn’t believe in our sound but were only looking for music that sounded like the music in the hit charts. And that is absolutely not the way we wanted to work, we only make and release music where we have a good feeling about and not because it needs to have chart potential.” The logo of the bird represents the “option for freedom” and falls within the same scope of what flamingo stands for.

Even though Fedde and Funkerman could be confused as F squared, there is a difference between the two. “I think there’s a little more melody and drama in Funkerman, music-wise. We know each other pretty well, but we are totally different guys. So I think that even when we play the same records in the same sequence people will still feel a difference.”

With a new album, House For All released this past May, Funkerman gives us some insight on how this was received and how difficult an album could be with the digital era, “All the reviews were great. I was actually pretty surprised on how positive everyone was, since it’s not your everyday album. For me there was no secret, just a wish to make something different. I think it’s a cool challenge to try and do something new, even though sometimes people will not get it from the first second.” Funkerman is not playing around in the studio, as a new compilation CD is on its way as he travels to entertain his resident crowd at Space Ibiza.

So GLOW get ready to hear “some funky flamingo tunes” and of course some new tracks that will funk you right on up! Funkerman also adds, PS don’t forget to vote on DJMag Top 100!

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