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Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 4:00pm. (Updated: 3/18/12 at 4:46am) Add comments

Ferry Corsten has never been bound by genre.

From the electro flavor of Fire to the flawless trance melodies on Made Of Love, Ferry has never been one to get stuck in the box.

His emotional, versatile sound proves time and time again that trance can extend beyond the conventional norms. This is shown in Corsten’s most recent artist album, titled “WKND.”

Trance heads may be shocked. Unlike the euphoric, uplifting sounds of Twice in a Blue Moon, WKND is oriented towards a big-room sound. With progressive house bombs like ‘Check It Out’ and ‘Feel It,’ Ferry shows he can take it in any direction.

While it appears that traditional trance is slowly disappearing,
Corsten still pays homage to his past euphoric productions.

A Day Without Rain, featuring the vocals of Ellie Lawson, is reminiscent of his past trance productions.

Following this soft, uplifting tune, Ferry grabs you by the balls and takes you on an epic journey.

From Brute to Live Forever to In Your Eyes, every track on this album is a banger. Every stab, every lead and every bass line is perfected.

WKND is a 14 track adventure. It displays the current trend of dance music.

‘Trouse,’ is gaining a foothold in modern day EDM.
This is clearly evident in WKND.

Corsten’s collaborations with JES, Aruna, Armin van Buuren and Ben Hague all make reference to Ferry’s studio prowess and the melding of trance with house.

It features sounds from across the board. From the melodic to the gritty to the progressive to the cutting edge, WKND is everything wrapped into one.

Contributing Writer: Elias Menninger

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