Deadmau5 is hosting an amazing competition. Create a blueprint for the next Deadmau5 helmet and when you win, you’ll receive the following:

  • The mau5 will wear your design during promotional events and shows
  • You’ll get two VIP passes to an L.A. performance
  • You’ll receive a meet-and-greet with the artist
  • How did this contest get started?

    Joel Zimmerman, better known to the world as Deadmau5, hooked up with the folks at to launch a ‘creative invite’ to an online community of artists.

    Talenthouse has jump started the careers of artists of every form, from singers and dancers to stage production companies, sculptors and more. The most notable Talenthouse success story is that of pop-icon Lady Gaga. It allows artists to link up, find investors and work in all facets of the art/design world!

    How do I enter?

    1) You have to be a bad ass graphic designer, illustrator, engineer, electronics expert, jeweler and/or fashion designer.
    2) Visit, register and get started!

    The Grammy-nominated Deadmau5 has done almost as much for bringing dance music to the American mainstream as David Guetta. His performance as house DJ at the MTV video music awards shows that even the furthest extreme of American pop culture recognizes electronic dance music! Stay tuned to for big news in the coming months 🙂

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