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DJs have become the new celebrities! What makes your favorite DJs famous?

From private jets, luxury hotel rooms, free stuff, and of course their millions of fans, today, prominent DJs have that lifestyle most dream about. Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose has a point in his new Adidas commercial. Without the talent or that unique symbol, you’re nothing. Let’s take a look into the things that have made the world’s top DJs famous. DJs might want to trademark them before Flo Rida steals another idea from an established EDM artist.

Steve Aoki Cake

Steve Aoki is all about making his shows the most fun with his wild antics as a carefree, daredevil DJ. Aoki cakes people with his label’s Dim Mak cakes as his way of saying thank you to the fans. Surprisingly, the cakes actually taste great! Aoki does not simply crowd surf, he rafts! He jumps off balconies at clubs, and even scaffoldings at festivals onto thousands of fans eager to jump on the raft with him. If you raft with Aoki, be prepared for the dive! Aoki has also popularized his Aoki Jump through social media by posting pictures doing it at world renowned landmarks, and doing the Aoki Jump with other famous DJs.



Two Swedes named Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom, aka Dada Life, founded their own lifestyle in a nation called Dada Land filled with bangin’ music, champagne, and bananas. But in order to enter Dada Land, one must follow The Rules of Dada. When asked about the origins behind the “perfect combo” of bananas and champagne, Dada Life said, “Taste-wise, they are actually terrible together. It came from us needing energy when we’re DJing…bananas for potassium to keep us going, and champagne for keeping your head bubbly.” On August 30, 2013, Dada Life performed at Echostage and conducted an epic pillow fight during their performance. Two months later, they broke the Guinness World Record for the largest pillow fight at their show in Chicago on October 27th.



Until recently, Diplo played more of a behind-the-scenes role in music as a one of the best music producers. He produced big hits like Paper Planes – M.I.A. and Look At Me Now – Chris Brown, featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. He has that persona of just not caring about much, and without even trying he is one of the funniest DJs on Instagram and Twitter.

Diplo has an obsession with women’s abilities to twerk. At his shows, Diplo chooses raver girls from the crowd to “express themselves” by twerking in front of the DJ booth. If you’re not lucky enough to twerk on stage, Diplo always wants you to #ExpressYourself. His production team sets up a Twerk Wall at his shows for all his fans to partake in the madness!! Also, Diplo’s way of crowd surfing is literally running on top of the crowd in a large hamster ball.

Diplo Hamster Ball


Armin van Buuren is a legend. The 5-time #1 DJ in the world is simply INTENSE. Besides for his mezmerizing music, Armin is most known for his signature dance moves. While his ‘helicopter’ and ‘monkey’ dances get you moving to the beat, when Armin puts his hands up in the iconic ‘Jesus pose,’ he gets all the fans to be in a ‘State of Trance‘. Back in September, Armin got all of the fans in an Echo-State of Trance when he played a magnificent 3 and a half hour set at Echostage. Put your hands up for Trance!



Tiësto is the ultimate industry entrepreneur. From his official Tiësto merchandise bearing the ‘Phoenix’ logo, headphones line with AKG, and a Guess? clothing line, Tiësto ranks in millions of dollars each year. In addition, his Club Life tour and radio podcasts are the most revered on the planet. Tiësto’s name by itself is synonymous with being a DJ. During a flight, Markus Schulz was once asked by someone about his job. When Schulz replied that he is a professional DJ, the man said, “Like Tiësto?” Tiësto is “The World’s Greatest DJ” for a reason.



Nicky Romero is most known for bringing the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta to EDM shows and festivals everywhere! On September 21st, Nicky played banger after banger at Echostage for the after-party of Life In Color’s Festival in Washington, D.C. Go see a Nicky Romero show soon. You’ve got nothing Toulouse!



Afrojack is known for a lot of things, including winning a Grammy Award and becoming the first EDM DJ to hit the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for Give Me Everything (with Pitbull). When it’s all said and done, Nick van de Wall should probably have a life-long endorsement deal with Grey Goose Vodka, considering the amount of bottles he finishes at each of his shows. If you haven’t been to one of his shows, watch the No Beef  music video to see how Afrojack and Steve Aoki like to party!


Deadmau5 and his mau5heads have become the most renowned symbol of the booming EDM movement throughout the world. Over the years, he’s acquired an extensive mau5head collection that includes an all gold one, a special edition Xbox One mau5head, and another that resembles Pinhead from Hellraiser (shown below). Joel Zimmerman’s personality has gained him much fame, too. Whether blasting people for their bullshit or starting fights on Twitter, Deadmau5 consistently provides entertainment to all his followers. Love or hate him, you’ll always come back for his music.


Borgore disgraces women everywhere. But, they love him! His lyrics like “bitches love cake” in Decisions, featuring Miley Cyrus and “I love my mom, my dad, and my dildo” in Nympho have made his songs famous all around the world. Borgore receives more fan mail pictures from nude girls than anyone else. Maybe others beat him, but he’s willing to share them more.


Gunz for Hire is known for “blasting Hardstyle into the next level,” with harder, faster and louder sounds than your average Hardstyle track. But there’s a twist! While pumping beats through the speakers at an invigorating 150 BPM or higher, Ran-D & Adaro bring an extra essence to their live performances, fully equipped with custom outfits that is bound to scare any average music fan. Donning custom masks and dapper suits, the gangster-esq personas of Gunz for Hire want to bring the full ‘hit man’ experience to all their performances. What’s more infatuating than two men heading a concert venue in disguise, all while a heavy beat infiltrates the airwaves?


Laidback Luke is known for spreading Halloween all year long with his ‘Super You & Me’ shows. Laidback Luke and DJs from his Mixmash Records dress up as super heroes for the famed club nights. As Luke asks his fans to do the same, he always begins his shows with a salute to the crowd for their tribute. To kick off Halloween week in DC, Laidback Luke brought Super You & Me to Echostage on October 26th. Throw those “double L’s” UP!

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It is pretty well known that Daft Punk wear iconic robot helmets and outfits. But we think it’s interesting that Guy and Thomas have reportedly never been seen before. For all we know, it’s been Armin and Tiësto this whole time.


Did we miss any of your favorites? What do you love about your favorite DJs?

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