Glow Visits Israel

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Saturday, July 17, 2010, 2:16am. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 8:40pm) Add comments

Most people visit the Holy Land to see Old Jerusalem and the Western Wall; to swim in the Dead and Mediterranean Seas; to discuss politics with soldiers; and to ride a camel.

I just wanted to go clubbing.

Tiesto, PvD, Oakie; they’ve all been to Israel. Infected Mushroom, Offer Nissim, Guy Gerber and Shlomi Aber; they’re all from Israel. While I didn’t see any superstars, had to stay with the group, and wasn’t allowed to venture off to the Tel Aviv underground (Rothschild St is supposed to be ridiculous as are nature parties in the middle of the desert), I was nevertheless able to catch a glimpse of what clubbing in Israel is all about.

The club in the videos is called Galina. Located on Tel Aviv’s North Pier, it had a massive outdoor patio with tons of plush couches, bottle service and a bar. The inside had a sick LED display on one wall, a bar in the middle of the floor and sort of staircase-style levels with booths all around the top. We just rolled up and started dancing in someone’s booth. They didn’t even arrive until 1am, which was when we had to leave. The night in Tel Aviv doesn’t usually start until then.

In Jerusalem we went out on Ben Yehuda St. There were tons of shops, store fronts, food, hookah bars and divey clubs that were actually pretty damn fun. But of course, the best part was seeing the Na Nachs or as some people call them, the ‘Raving Rabbis.’

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