In his monthly blog, Markus Schulz discusses his travels, upcoming singles, remixes, gigs, etc. His end-of-January post showed a lot of love to everyone at Glow Washington DC. If you missed his concert last month, you really missed out; every minute of every song was amazing. Be sure to catch him when he returns this year for a Global DJ Broadcast World Tour recording at Glow.

And we quote:

“You’ve probably read me saying it countless times, but I love playing in Washington DC and I love playing for the guys at Glow. Pete and his crew are always so good to me and take care of me for absolutely everything when I’m there. This extended even further on the Saturday night, when thanks to Sharam, we managed to get tickets to see the Heat play the Washington Wizards.

As for the gig itself, it was one I really enjoyed personally. Glow is one of those places where I know the fans are very well up to speed with their music, and when you get vibes like that, you know that you’ve earned their trust to roadtest things way before most other gigs. So I dropped a couple of sneaky Dakota plays in there along with a lot of the big Prague hitters. Dark Cloud in particular did the business very well again.

I know every time I play there, all the locals are asking, come on Markus, show the Glowheads some love on GDJB. Like Chicago, Washington DC is one of the US cities high on my priority list to feature on the Global DJ Broadcast World Tour map for the very first time in 2011. Chicago is locked in to be recorded at the end of February, for broadcast in March, and I hope that I can do Glow later in the year. As long as you guys make it a memorable one for the world to enjoy, then we’ll get it going.

So big thanks to the Glow crew for their help and support throughout 2010 again, thanks to all the locals for a great turnout, and thanks to everyone who travelled from New York and elsewhere to enjoy the night.”

OH YEEAAHH!!! Markus Schulz spinning a live Global DJ Broadcast from Glow Washington DC in 2011!! Let’s make it happen!

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