Review: Knife Party - Rage Valley EP

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If you don’t know Knife Party, then you damn well should.
Review by Des McMahon@desmcmahon

The post-Pendulum project made up of Rob Swire & Gareth McGrillen blew up after their debut EP “100% No Modern Talking” crashed internet servers worldwide. To top that off, their track “Antidote” with Swedish House Mafia has been featured in almost every DJ set I’ve heard over the past 6 months.



1. Rage Valley:

Titled after the EP, “Rage Valley” pulls you right in from the start. From a dark electro running bass, the track builds you up to a triplet bass drop. This one is for all you electro heads. The intense lead-driven drop moves into the bright side of the track with what can only be described as a fun and mellow riff. But as always, Knife Party means business. It builds once again and drops hard into the bass.

2. Centipede:

The keeper in this EP is no doubt “Centipede.” If you liked “Fire Hive” you’ll love this bad boy. The intro grabs your attention instantly with a narration about the tropical centipede. If you remember Pendulum’s “Tarantula,” you’ll have a laugh as. The ominous background music fades out for a bit and then the build comes. Believe me, this one takes no prisoners. Dark, talking basslines and dissonant synth stabs surround your ear drums and make you beg for more. As the dubstep highlight of this EP, “Centipede” exceeded all of my expectations.


Next we come to “Bonfire.” This time the tempo is rammed up to a halftime 174 BPM. It has a clear resemblance to the classic Pendulum tracks, only heavier. The laid back, reggae feel builds into an energetic peak time drumstep track. The meat is exactly what is expected from Rob & Gareth, heavy pitch-shifted bass lines and quick MC phrases to grab your attention. While some may say “Bonfire” is just another track using all things expected, others will argue it’s a display of Knife Party’s production and mix down excellence.

4. Sleaze:

Lastly we have “Sleaze.” Now, I’m a sucker for anything with a fat 808 kick drum. If that’s not enough, this is the first time I’ve heard Knife Party release proper moombahton. “Sleaze” will tweak every nerve in your system. Overdriven leads and warped synths will have everyone’s hips swingin’. BBC Radio1’s MistaJam makes a guest appearance on the vocal hook, however I question how necessary he was on the track. Other than that, “Sleaze” is a great peak time track. I think it’ll have the respect from many moombahtonistas.

Overall, this EP is a phenomenal follow up to their last one. Expect to hear these tracks in most of your EDM experiences this summer.


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