Who’s going to “Save the World” after Nov 24?
Contributing Writer Matt Eitel

swedish house mafia break up
When the Swedish House Mafia announced back in June that their last show would be on Nov 24 (ironically, the first show they’ve performed in their hometown of Stockholm, Sweden), the EDM world was shocked. “We came, we raved, we loved.”

There have been mixed feelings about the breakup ranging from anger to confusion, jubilation to sorrow. Surprise, though, has been a common theme from all. No more Masquerade Motel in Miami? Who’s going to release the chart-toppers for everyone to drop at nightclubs and concert venues the world over? The breakup leaves a void in the EDM community like losing that girl you thought was ‘the one’.

All is not for naught though. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Ingrosso clearly stated the group’s breakup is “…an experiment to ourselves.” An experiment where the three aren’t closing the door on SHM. In fact Steve, Seb and Ax are most certainly leaving the door open to work together in the future with Angello jesting, “We might just have a group called something else.”

The trio has been looking to the Rock and Roll community and one of their biggest role models in the EDM community, Daft Punk, for lessons on how the EDM world should be modeled. “They’ve been experimenting with tours in the rock world for so many years that they found a way of going in, doing an album, tour the album and then taking time off to create the next album, the next sound,” Axwell stated. “And I think that we should probably look into the bigger bands that have been touring for a while and make the same kind of decisions that they make. I think it’s longer lasting if it would be like that instead of every club every day having a DJ.”

Taking a note from Daft Punk’s book Axwell continued, “…[Daft Punk] treat themselves like a read band – go back, disappear, make fantastic music, come back, blow everybody away with a fantastic live show.”

One thing you can always count on about Daft Punk though is that they ALWAYS do return. Just a little thought to help you “Sparkle the Faith”

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