Top 10 Favorite Glow Events Ever!

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Whether it was at FUR Nightclub, Echostage, or an enormous venue like the D.C. Armory, in the last 14 years GLOW has brought us countless DJs from all over the world, always providing us with an amazing show. Simply said, GLOW has definitely put Washington, D.C. on the EDM Nation map.

We now take a look back at the Top 10 GLOW events, as voted by you- the fans.

10. Paul van Dyk at FUR Nightclub: July 2, 2011

The legendary trance DJ Paul van Dyk and former repeat #1 World DJ (2005 and 2006) came all the way from Germany to celebrate ‘Indepen-DANCE’ weekend in our nation’s capital, back in 2011. The light production was so bright that night that everyone could feel the intensity and energy embodying them! Check out this fan video of ‘PVD‘ playing W&W’s Impact on a wild night ya’ll definitely remember at FUR Nightclub!!


9. Dada Life at FUR Nightclub: March 31, 2012

The Swedish electric-house duo of Dada Life always ‘kicks out the epic motherf**ker’! They brought their talents to FUR Nightclub to perform to a fun-filled crowd, decked out in awesome banana suits. I was in attendance that night as an avid fan, jumping around to the bangin’ beats and getting UGLY! I even made a cameo in the official GLOW after-movie! Here’s my own video of when I was in the front of the DJ booth, and Dada Life dropped “Happy Violence.” The crowd went absolutely BANANAS!!


8. Dash Berlin at Echostage: April 27, 2013

My personal favorite night and #8 on our list is Dash Berlin’s debut at Echostage. In his unbelievable 3-hour set, Dash played songs reminiscent of his ASOT600 set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami 2013, like One RepublicIf I Lose Myself (Dash Berlin Remix); Hardwell feat. Amba ShepherdApollo (Dash Berlin 4AM Remix); and his very own Waiting feat. Emma Hewitt. I remember when Dash dropped his remix of Tupac’s California Love, and my rave family and I belted the lyrics to the top of our lungs…“IN THE CITAYY!!!” Also, that night will always be extra special for “Mr. and Mrs. Shuffler” (Jimmy Canales and Jessica ‘Trance Princess’ Urizar) because Jimmy proposed to Jess that night at Echostage, and she said YES!! Dash Berlin surely stole the night away! #MusicIsLife

Dash will be back at Echostage THIS Saturday so get your tickets now before it’s too late!



Check out each hour of Dash’s set via Glow Radio here:

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

Hour 3:


7. Tiësto: Kaleidoscope Tour at FUR Nightclub: October 10, 2009

For the inaugural debut of big on-stage production at FUR Nightclub, it was only fitting to be from our buddy Tiësto. A full-on LED projection wall behind the DJ booth really treated Tiësto right! From the minute he came on, Tiësto was fully engaged with the crowd, jumping up and down and interacting with the fans as they danced along. General Manager at Panorama Productions, Sheldon, chose this night as his favorite GLOW event, noting that “Tiësto fully gave it 110 percent!!” Not convinced? Check out Sheldon’s photo from the A/V booth as the crowd rocked all night.

Tiesto Fur 2009


6. Ferry Corsten b2b Markus Schulz at Echostage: November 10, 2012

Before the release of the recently donned New World Punx name was introduced to the world, the two Trance warriors, Markus Schulz & Ferry Corsten, came out to Washington, D.C. for both of their Echostage debuts. Their impressive 7-HOUR back 2 back set seemed like it was only one DJ up there; simply astonishing what the killer duo could pull off together! Also, Markus Schulz told us that he had fallen in love with Echostage‘s giant LED screen, as they showed some special visuals together for their loyal trance fans!

GLOW’s Graphic Designer, Evan, chose this event as his favorite hosted by the company. Even though Markus & Ferry have played back-to-back before, seeing them together for 7 hours, in a brand new venue of Echostage‘s caliber (only his third time there at that point) was simply amazing. The crowd was energetic throughout, as the tantalizing music took over.   Evan said that, “Seeing the words ‘MARKUS SCHULZ B2B FERRY CORSTEN’ embedded onto a red LED backdrop will forever be engraved in my mind!”

The two legendary artists clearly had a lot of fun at Echostage that night, because they’re coming back as the New World Punx, for the 1-year anniversary of this historical night on November 16th! Tickets are on sale now!


5. Sander van Doorn with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano at Echostage: September 22, 2012

For the opening night of Echostage, we had an awesome lineup that set the standard for our new festival-type venue. Two of the hottest Dutch acts, Sander van Doorn accompanied by the duo of Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, took over Echostage for the night for the first of many large-scale EDM concerts in Washington, D.C.  Because the venue was in an infant state without a liquor license, one of our faithful fans said that this was his favorite GLOW event, as it was a rager even without alcohol: “No alcohol served kept the crowd light and tight!” Similarly, when Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano last played a GLOW event at Josephine it stayed crowded ’till close even when the bar stopped serving an hour earlier.



4. Tiësto at DC Armory: April 9, 2011

When GLOW events become too big for our clubs in DC, we take it to the DC Armory. C’mon, for one of the world’s biggest DJ/Producers like Tiësto, we knew it was definitely needed! It was out of this world seeing over 10,000 people in one place! The event went from 6PM-2AM with GLOW residents Matt Goldman and Roberto Gonzalez playing an hour each, Cedric Gervais from 8-10, and Tiësto for a solid FOUR HOURS!! GLOW Owner, Pete, and Operations Manager, Heather, both  chose this night as their undisputed favorite GLOW event. When Tiësto played Adagio for Strings there was an ocean of people uniform in harmony with the music. Tiësto debuted his monstrous hit single, Maximal Crazy, that night, too!

Check out the after-movie of this legendary night!


3. Above & Beyond at Echostage: August 16, 2013

You guys have been asking for Above & Beyond all year…and we delivered! Fans came from all over the country for this amazingly memorable night at Echostage. No matter how many times you’ve seen them perform, Above & Beyond believe that “life is made of small moments” and they create that “feeling” that makes their shows extra special for each one of their fans. Their trance fans are extremely loyal to their classics, which include the likes of Alchemy, Sun and Moon, and A Thing Called Love, but I personally like it when they mix in their new additions from their Anunjabeats label and Group Therapy Radio like Under My Skin; produced by Ilan Bluestone and Jerome Isma-Ae. GLOW’s Web Developer and Box Office Manager, Garrett, chose Above & Beyond as his favorite GLOW event, as it was a magical night at Echostage. “They have an ability to connect with the crowd, letting everyone lose themselves in the music.”

Jono Grant of Above & Beyond asked us, “Is Echostage the best venue in the USA?” We’re #4 as of last year’s DJ Mag list, but after this fantastic year we’re definitely getting there! We’re certainly looking forward to the release of the 2013 rankings, set to release on October 19th!



2. Tiësto at Love Nightlclub (Outdoors): September 15, 2007

One of the most epic parties that we have ever experienced was Tiësto‘s outdoor show at Love Nightclub. During his Elements of Life Tour, Tiësto performed in front of an audience of over 8,000 people in the outdoor lot outside of the club, where he brought out the madness in all of us! The crowd was screaming out the lyrics to Tiësto beats like Just Be and In the Dark, while dancing around and having a BLAST!

Panorama Productions and GLOW Owner, Antonis, claims this night as his favorite event: “It’s been great to see Tiësto grow from our first event, to packing the clubs, to the outdoor show, one of our proudest moments…Tiësto outdoors was groundbreaking for DC Nightlife!”

To listen to Tiësto‘s full set, check out GLOW Radio’s podcast here:


Tiesto Love Outdoors 2007


1. Armin van Buuren “Super GLOW” at DC Armory: November 19, 2011

For the 2-day Super GLOW weekend at DC Armory, Armin van Buuren’s Saturday night 6-hour set takes the #1 spot for the ABSOLUTE favorite GLOW event!! The world’s #1 rated DJ (5-times, might I add) definitely deserves such admiration as most favorite, and he got the honor of performing at DC Armory, too! Seeing 10,000 people in a perfect ‘State of Trance’ was incredible, providing us all with a show of a lifetime.

It was GLOW Owner, Jimmy’s favorite event as his oldest daughter was born a few days earlier on November 13th. It was his first celebratory GLOW event as a proud father, and that means a lot to him. Director of Promotions at Panorama Productions, Kamal, also loved this night- as he stood on top of the Armory’s bleachers and looked down at all the fantastic fans. At the moment he “realized how many people really loved the music!”

As more events file into our upcoming schedules, who do you think will work themselves into this list?  Let us know in the comments below as to what was your favorite GLOW show!

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  1. Dre Butters says:

    2010 at Lima was magical, I am surprised none of those make the cut. My favorite times with Glow to date occurred there!

  2. ALFONZO says:

    sebastian ingrosso at fur november 27th 2012

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