What The Hell is a 'Rave Family?'

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The Washington DC Dance Music Community:
A look at one of many Echostage-DC rave families
Words by Josh van Dyk

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Echostage plays host to a lot of wild events. Ferry Corsten’s ‘Full On’ w/ Mike Saint Jules, Tritonal, Bassjackers and Ferry was especially memorable. I spent most of my time in a small corner off to the side, away from the packed dance floor, surrounded by people I’d met at past shows. Those people are part of my rave family.

Rave families are simply groups of people who all meet up at shows regularly and stay in touch in ‘real life.’ Some of the DC families are known as Dirty Ravers, DC Bassheads, Rage Rangers, TranceFamily DC, etc. A name isn’t necessary, just something to help signify and connect with one another. There’s no hazing period or requirement to join other than the love of music and one another.

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I’m not close with a lot of people, but my rave family sees me at my most ratchet, my most happy, most sad, most hideous and most beautiful and they love me regardless.”

– Claire ‘Beazy’ Curtis

While I was at Armin in Philly I was lost after the set ended early. I was scared because it was pouring rain and I couldn’t find my friends. The only people that helped me were kandi kids. I think kandi kids are our own family. Then just (proper) ravers as a whole. We’re our own family despite differing tastes in music. Some like moombah, trap, dub, trance, house, techno, whatever. It’s cool as long as we help one another out and try to live by PLUR.

My rave family is special to me. I love every one of those interesting, unique, kind hearted people. It’s the feeling of going to a show with thousands of people, but knowing you have a group of individuals who care about you and would do anything for you.

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It starts with a handful of people going to shows. They invite other friends or meet new people and the family begins to grow. Eventually you’re at a show, look around and what began as 4 people is now 20. Families mesh with one another, become intertwined and grow into something more.

It’s a group of diverse individuals who come together as one to celebrate the beautiful movement that is electronic music. A group of people who love, live, breathe, eat, bleed, and travel for music together. This type of family may or may not be related by blood, but is certainly related to what their souls dance to. They stick together, stand up for each other, dance with each other, share out-of-body experiences together, and will remember those who shared this mutual happiness forever. These “ravers” participate in activities that include, but not limited to, being sober, drunk, shitwasted, chanting, dancing, prancing, shuffling, harlem shaking, hopping about like rabbits, glow sticking, yelling, pushing, elbowing, holding hands, hugging, humping, making out, wearing next to their birthday suits, sweating, photobombing, losing money/phone/wallet/braincells, etc etc. #yolobitchesandhoesandbrosandswagswag

– Thuy Le

people at echostage washington dc

These families can be a great thing as long as everyone remains open and honest. Drama can absolutely tear a family apart. It’s nothing more than a social circle when you look at it from an outside view. But be careful how you handle relationships inside the circle, otherwise people can be left feeling awkward and alienated.

A temporal gathering of like-minded individuals sharing in the majesty that is electronic dance music. But just like a real family, has the occasional rift caused by sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.

– Wayne Bruce

As ‘Full On’ came to a close, the people in my general vicinity all shared hugs and daps, promising to meet up as soon as possible. In the mean time all of us will be in contact. We’ll share music, joys, pains, and just be there for each other. We aren’t exclusive, nor are we some secret society. We’re just a group of people who love music.

Interested in joining my family? Just come dance with us!

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