9 Things You Didn't Know About Above and Beyond

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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Above and Beyond

Glow’s relationship with Jono Grant, Paavo Siljamäki and Tony McGuinness go Above and Beyond the days of Echostage and Moonrise…like all the way back to 2009 and the Fur nightclub and Ibiza days. Smiles, tears, hugs and a crowd full of “push the button” signs, Above and Beyond brings the feels. Anywhere. Every time. Since their first American tour in ’03, it’s been evident that if anyone knows how to send major feels to a mass amount of people, it is definitely this trio.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 1.11.09 PMAbove and Beyond at Fur nightclub 2010

Their fans are pretty damn loyal. Whether they’re following the group’s shows around the country or tattooing the Anjunabeats label on themselves, it’s safe to say fans love soaking up every bit of A&B they can possibly get. But how much about Above and Beyond do you know? Here’s a little A&B Moonrise prep!

Here’s 9 things about Above and Beyond you may not already know!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 3.08.08 PM
Anjunabeats label

1.) A&B began with Grant and Siljamäki, who attended the University of Westminster together. Joining forces, the two created Anjunabeats.


2.) What is now internationally recognized as a label, Anjunabeats was originally Grant and Siljamäki’s artist name. It was after McGuiness completed the three-man powerhouse that they took on the name Above and Beyond.


 3.)For those that don’t know the origins of their name, “above and beyond” was a slogan used by an inspirational American speaker who, believe it or not, was also named Jono Grant.

Echostage experienced some Echo-therapy back to back nights in February!

4.) They’ve cumulated their following extensively through their Group Therapy radio show, which internationally reaches over 30 million people. WEEKLY.

PicMonkey Collage
Fans holding up signs for a chance to push the button at Echostage

 5.) Push the button came about on accident about three years ago—A&B were originally the ones who pushed it during “Sun and Moon”. Switching it up, they selected someone at random to push it for them. Next thing they knew—Push the Button was born and signs were front and center at each show.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.13.14 PM

6.) Above&Beyond played an acoustic set while in a hot air balloon!


Jono Grant at Echostage

7.) Jono Grant

  •  Jono Grant composed music for TV shows. He has written music for over 300 episodes on Tv for channels like MTV Undergrads, Family Channel Radio Free Roscoe, and even music for the LifeTime Movie An Officer and a Murderer.
  • He won an animation award for these musical TV productions in 2006.
  •  Pet Shop Boys inspired him the most. He has included their musical influence in songs he’s written.
  • Likes to play at festivals that have a collection of different genres performing other than dance music.
  • NYE Resolution for 2015 is to fix his posture.
  • Special talent: he bakes a mean brownie (but not the special kind…anymore)


8.) Tony McGuinness

  • He was the marketing director for Warner Music Group
  • He was the Guitarist for indie band Sad Lovers and Giants  
  • Tony’s first clubbing experience was when he was 26 and his eyes were opened to the world of dance music
  • “Sun and Moon” is about his ex-girlfriend, Katy. It’s a sequel for Alone Tonight” from Above and Beyond’s Tri-State album.
  • Tony and his brother, Liam, made music together and were known as Nitromethane.
  • Met Jono and Paavo through music. Tony & Liam asked Jono to remix their song “Time to Die” (which he did) and the rest is history 🙂
  • Special talent: He can scuba dive and is a qualified rescue diver
  • Believes if he, Grant and Siljamäki were stranded on an island, that because he is eldest of the three and if cannibalism were their last option, he would be eaten first. (This is when those scuba diving skills would come in handy).


9.) Paavo Olavi Siljamäki

  • AKA: Silky-Mac, P.O.S (initials), Cybersonic, and Pump2Funk
  • Has been composing music as far back as his early teen years.
  • Attended fi Sibelius-Lukio, one of Finland’s leading high schools for music.
  • His popular song, “Remember (Summer Sun)” was written while in college
  • Other music groups he’s been a part of: Aalto, Dirt Devils, Free State, Rollerball, Tranquility Base, Zed-X, and OceanLab.
  • Siljamäki has the reputation of being tech-savvy, hence his nickname CyberSonic. He is solely responsible for coding Above and Beyond’s visual system during shows to rhythmically match the tempo of each song they play.
  • The band REM inspired the written messages A&B type out during shows. It was Paavo’s idea to start incorporating it.
  • After long studio sessions, he relaxes by turning into a meditating yogi
  • Special talent: Paavo is an “excellent Barista”. His specialty? Lattes!

 “We’re trying to write music for 25 years from now, rather than music just for today. Music is timeless when it’s good. Genres will always move and change but songs are forever. That’s part of our challenge, and part of Above and Beyond’s identity.” – Siljamäki

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