Disclosure (DJ set) at Echostage - 1.1.17

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Glow Washington DC Presents

New Year’s Day 2017

Disclosure (DJ Set)

Sunday, January 1st, 2017


 2135 Queens Chapel Road NE • Washington, DC

Doors: 9 PM | No dress code | Ages 18+
Bottle Service: tables@echostage.com | 202.503.2331



Guy and Howard Lawrence have been quite busy over the last 6 years. They released two albums, Settle and Caracal, both of which went on to be nominated for Best Dance/Electronic album at the Grammys. They have performed at major festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and EDC Las Vegas to large crowds and they’ve worked with major artists such as Sam Smith, Miquel, Lorde, The Weekend, and Mary J. Blige. That is a lot considering neither brother was interested in dance music throughout much of their childhood, instead listening to singer-songwriter artists and playing in indie bands. However, after visiting clubs in Brighton, Guy fell in love with House and Dubstep, convincing his brother to join him in forming Disclosure. Upon forming the duo created a sound that is unlike any other; combining a mix of hip-hop and Dubstep and incorporating ’80s Chicago house, ’90s English 2-step garage into soul, funk and pop styles. Disclosure’s unique sound has catapulted them to superstardom and with the release of their surprise-EP Moog For Love, they continue to showcase new and exciting music.

Hometown: Reigate, Surrey

First Single: Offline Dexterity (2010)

Family of musicians: Father and Uncle were in bands and their mother did radio jingles.

First CD’s they bought: Guy – Ignition (Remix) Howard – The Beatles first album

Origin of their famous “scribble face“: “ We needed some artwork for those first two songs and one of our manager’s friends was an art student. She drew this face and we were like, that’s really cool! We didn’t really know if we wanted to be anonymous or to tell people who we were yet so we thought we’d just not put our own face on it for now.” – Guy

They duo has two types of sets: a DJ show and a full live show where they play instruments such as guitar, drums and keyboards and sing.

The inspiration behind Caracal artwork and name: Howard’s obsession with the African cat for the past couple years and because they write with so many different singers that there isn’t one artwork that would sum up the album.

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