Moonrise Festival- 8.12.17 + 8.13.17 (Phase 1)

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Glow Washington DC & Steez Promo present:

Moonrise Festival

Saturday, 8/12/17 & Sunday, 8/13/17

Pimlico Race Course

5201 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215

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It’s the moment you have all been waiting for… thinking about constantly since you bought your tickets back on February 9th… what we have taunted you with over the past few months… what we are finally ready to release…


Each week we will be highlighting each of the artists. First up:

Porter Robinson

“In a way, for people to fully understand my music, they need to know the narrative of the last six years of my life,” says Porter Robinson, of the leap he’s made from electro-house producer to genre-busting musician. That music can be heard on his first studio album, Worlds (Astralwerks/Virgin EMI), a journey through textural synth-pop. It has, at turns, been called “gorgeous” (New York Times), “delightful” (Rolling Stone), and “imaginative” (NPR). And with more than 185 million album streams under his belt, 100,000+ in ticket sales for his 2014 Worlds Live tour, plus triumphant headline appearances across the global festival circuit with his groundbreaking live show; Porter’s fans have stood by him in kind. Some, admittedly, more emphatically than others.

  • Played Moonrise in 2015

  • Born and raised in North Carolina

  • Got into dance music through Dance Dance Revolution

  • Madeon and Porter met back when they were 12 & 14 through production forums

  • Movie genre he would write a score for: Anime. “My obsession with anime borders on unhealthy”

  • Origin of 【=◈︿◈=】: “i was looking at unicode character lists and making a bunch of different kaomoji and that one just stuck out to me. i wanted him to be my logo. people have been calling him the worldsmoji but i think he’ll outlast the album”

  • Artists he loves: Daft Punk & Kanye West

  • Helped to write Zedd’s track “Clarity

  • Released his first EP on Skrillex’s label OWSLA and is still a big fan of him today

  • In 2014, Porter seemed to have some very strong feelings about Shrek 

Louis the Child

Three years after meeting at a Madeon concert, the electronic pop production duo Louis the Child would open one of his shows. The Chicago-area pair — born Robert “Robby” David Hauldren and Frederic “Freddy” Judson Kennett — went to the same high school and had their own respective projects, but their paths never crossed.  After meeting on March 18, 2012, at that fateful Madeon set, the pair decided to join forces and start making music together. Since then the duo has released major tracks such as ‘World on Fire’, ‘Love is Alive’, and ‘Fire’ showing that this young duo are ones to watch.
  • Before they were in Louis the Child:

                        Robby’s alias: Haul Pass

                        Freddy’s alias: Fatboy

  • Has toured with: Madeon, The Chainsmokers, and opened on the European leg of the Shelter tour

  • Merged with Pell to create Pellican Child and will hopefully be releasing an EP in 2017. Check out their first track ‘Turn Me Down’

  • Biggest influences: Madeon, Flume, Porter Robinson, and Odesza

  • How the Name was chosen: “We went on Wikipedia and hit the random article button a couple of times, then Louis The Child popped up and we thought, “Yeah, that sounds good and we went with it,”

  • Donated money from the ‘It’s Strange’ package to Kiva

  • Categorize their sound as future bass

  • Have a secret handshake they do before each show called the Scooby Doo

  • Artist they would love to work with:

                    Freddy: Bon Iver & Robert Glasper

                    Robby: Chance the Rapper & Kendrick Lamar

  • First time playing Moonrise!

Midnight Tyrannosaurus

The Florida based bass music producer Midnight Tyrannosaurus has been making quite a quake in the underground dubstep community. Quickly gaining recognition and DJ support from big names like Excision, Figure, and Cookie Monsta. With multiple top charting Beatport releases on Chronos Records, I. Am. Audio, Prime Audio, and Anemnesis; Midnight Tyrannosaurus is well on his way to making his own unique staple in the industry. Raw literal dinosaur sounding synths, and heart thumping sub bass make a Setasaurus one you’ll never truly forget!

  • Name: Jason Figlioli

  • From: Tampa, Flordia

  • Latest release: The Fossil

  • Made a second alias dedicated to making hip-hop: Manhattan Mongoose

  • Favorite synth : Massive

  • How he describes his first album: “the stoner taking bong rips, jamming Playstation, and munching on whatever the listener can picture themselves munching on in that particular scenario; that would eventually progress to the inevitable – passing out.”

  • Bases his albums on his favorite video games, Vol. 2 was centered around Bloodborne

  • Works samples from movies, TV shows, and video games into his tracks , then focuses the track around that sample

  • Wanted to be a screenwriter before getting into music

  • It’s his first time playing Moonrise!

We are so excited to finally be able to share this with you and we can’t wait for y’all to see the rest of the lineup because we definitely aren’t done yet 😎

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