Super Glow Video Contest: Film & Star in the Avicii @ DC Armory After Movie!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 3:33pm. (Updated: 1/29/13 at 4:05pm) Add comments

Calling all Cell Phone Scorseses!

Making our fans the focus of Glow TV has always been the goal. After hearing about the Avicii x You project, we realized what we wanted to do. It’s time for YOU to take control of Glow TV!

We want you to film & star in the Avicii @ DC Armory after movie!

avicii video contest
We’re asking you to take video of whatever best represents your experience, upload it and send us the link. We’ll then pick our favorite clips and ask for the original files. Those files will then be incorporated into the official after movie!

If we end up using your footage, you’ll not only be credited in the video, you’ll also receive (2) comps to the Josephine event of your choice (while tickets last) and a Glow ‘Made in the District’ t-shirt.
avicii super glow video contest

Things to Film:
(these are just ideas, you can send us whatever you want)

  • Funny shit you do in the days leading up to the show
  • Avicii karaoke with your friends
  • Pre-gaming
  • The ride there
  • People going crazy in line
  • The lights/lasers
  • The artist
  • The crowd
  • Shout outs from you, your friends and random people
  • Girls humping trees
  • Yolo kids
  • People doing funny dances
  • The aftermath
  • The after party
  • The aftermath of the after party
  • Your thoughts on the show, Avicii’s set, etc.

You are 100% more likely to be featured in the video if you are unique and film things other than the DJ and the crowd. We want to see individuals!

How to send us your video:

1. Upload your videos of Avicii at DC Armory to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
2. Email the link to with the subject line: “AVICII VIDEO CONTEST” by Monday, February 4th.
3. You will receive a response if selected!

Whether you have an iPhone, Droid, Galaxy, flip cam, Go Pro, etc., you’re good to go as long as you’re not using a professional camera. The standard photo/video restrictions still apply. No SLRS, DSLRS, any sort of professional cameras, etc.

avicii super glow video contest

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