Help Put DC on the Global EDM Map

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Friday, January 10, 2014, 2:32pm. (Updated: 2/10/15 at 11:55am) Add comments



World’s Best Club in DJ Mag Top 100

Home of Glow Washington DC 

 It is time for Echostage to take it’s rightful spot on the global map as one of the top locations for EDM in the WORLD. Please take the time to vote Echostage in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs.

Last year Echostage placed #38 in the world and #4 in the country, in just it’s first year of business. We have and will continue to better the venue to present the best experience for our fans, artists, and guests alike; as our mission is to provide the ultimate clubbing experience for all!



“Is Echostage the best new venue in the USA?” – Jono Grant [Above & Beyond]

“Tonight is the end of an era. Tonight I played way f**king longer than I was supposed to. Echostage is my favorite venue on the east coast. And I’m from the east coast. I just felt like you guys should know that tonight is significant to me. Tonight marks the end of an era for me. I dedicate this next song to you guys.” – Porter Robinson

“This is where New World Punx was born. Echostage we love you. This song is dedicated to you.” – Markus Schulz

“This is official my favorite new club in America – Echostage…. What a night. Thanks DMV. This year, we nailed it.” – Wolfgang Gartner

“We just played one of the most amazing parties of our lives. This was like playing a festival in a venue.” – Sultan + Ned Shepard

“One of the best venues we’ve ever played. Amazing night, thank you Echostage.” – Knife Party

“I have to say Echostage is easily one of the best rooms in the country.” – BT



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  1. Jose rodriguez says:

    Went to my first event here and I’ve loved it since!

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