Glow’s Exclusive Interview with Dannic at Moonrise Festival

From the electrifying sets to the energetic fans, it’s safe to say Moonrise Festival was one for the books! In the midst of all the craziness, we had the chance to chat with Dannic before his Moonrise set on Sunday, also the last stop of his North American tour. We talked with him about his new music video, collaborating with Hardwell and Dyro, and what he has in store for us in the next few months!

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So you’re from the Netherlands, home to some of the biggest DJ’s in the world. Can you tell us a little bit about your musical influences growing up?

D: Well, I’m from a real small city, one that only has 200,000 people. We have a lot of bars, and a lot of clubs there, and I was always into music, and I was always listening to my friend’s CD’s, which were music classical music discs. I started out recording music off of the radio back in the day, to actually making edits and mashups. Eventually I began to play my own material at the many bars and clubs in my hometown, and that’s how I got my start.

What have you found to be the main differences between the crowds in America and the crowds in the Netherlands?

D: I think the main difference is that here in America, it’s still really fresh. People are really into it, there’s a big hype about it. In the Netherlands, we have a lot of festivals. Sometimes, I can do 3-4 festivals in the same day, I just drive from one to the other. So we’re more used to it, people expect more from the DJ’s and from the festival. Over there, the festival producers really have to work to create something different that’ll get the people going. But, I really like playing in America since you guys are real energetic.

How does your song selection for club gigs differ from your song selection for festivals?

D: Well, I never prepare my set. I always go with the flow, and of course, I play a lot of my own tracks. I also always read the crowd. It’s a funny thing, my current tour manager, who I met recently, the other day told me, “Wow dude, every day you play something different!” And yeah, my sets are never the same, i always try to come up with new songs and new edits to keep it fresh. And I think that’s what being a DJ is all about.

Congratulations on the release of your music video for Zenith this past week! I really enjoyed the artistic direction of the video with all the cool water colors! Can you tell us more about the decision making process of music videos and how involved an artist is with the process?

D: The video director is actually from the same area as me, in Breda. I’ve known him since we were young, and he’s so creative. The essence of Zenith is happiness, full of color, so I told him that, and he went ahead and bought this huge water tank, and started dropping colored ink inside it, and it all came out really great. I’m always involved in my videos, I always strive to be different, which is actually not the easiest thing to do nowadays. I always try to come up with new and different things to use in my videos.

I recently learned radical was your first collaboration with Dyro through Revealed Recordings You guys have been working and touring together for a while, so what made you 2 decide to collaborate now?

D: I met Dyro at the Amsterdam Dance Event a few years ago, and he was this little kid, who came up to me and handed me a demo CD, telling me that I should listen to his tracks. It all grew from there, we’re best friends now, and we had this idea to do a tour in Canada together. One thing led to another, and we ended up renting out a studio in Montreal for two days. On the first day we actually came up with this demo, but it actually took around 6 months to finish it. During that time, both of our careers were really taking off and we couldn’t find the time to finish it. But in the end, we completed it, and it all worked out.

How are you able to collaborate with artists that are in different countries and different timezones?

D: In Dyro’s case, it was more difficult since he uses a different program than I use. On the other hand, me and Hardwell both use Logic, so it’s much easier to send the program files to one another. With Dyro, it was more difficult.

Which artist would you like to collaborate with that you haven’t gotten a chance to do so yet?

D: DJ-wise, I would love to collaborate with Fedde Le Grand. he’s one of my biggest inspirations and idols. I just love that groovy sound that he uses in his tracks. Non-DJ-wise, John Legend. His music is great.

What is your favorite city or venue in the world that you’ve played at thus far?

D: That’s a tough question, you’re basically asking me to choose my favorite child! In the States, it’s New York. I just came back from Canada, and I really liked Toronto. As far as my favorite venue, I’d have to choose the Ministry of Sound in London.

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Is there a venue, city, or part of the world you would love to play at that you haven’t yet?

D: China would be great. I think it has a totally different market over there. They don’t have Facebook, or Twitter, or any social media, so it’s like a different world out there. It’d be interesting to see how they’d react to our music.

What can we look forward to from you?

D: Lots of touring. My release schedule is really busy right now. i’m always working on new material, even while I’m on the road. I actually have a new collaboration with Shermanology coming up, it’s gonna be real cool. I just played that one at Tomorrowland actually. besides that, I have a collaboration coming up with TV Noise, and a few original releases coming out on Revealed.

Written by Roma Moradian and Daniel Chamorro

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