Zox Straps: The Latest in EDM Fashion

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012, 12:17am. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 8:49pm) Add comments

Zox Straps Are “In” with Dance Music

Are you a fan of electronic dance music? If yes, you’re probably familiar with ravers and seen their wrists and arms wrapped in “kandi” — colorful bead bracelets worn and given out at parties, concerts, and festivals. But if you’re like the majority of people, rave fashion isn’t your thing and you’re still not ready to sell a kidney to buy a pricey watch. With limited choices, what can you wear on your arm and still look fashionable without breaking the bank?

Lucky for you, there’s finally a cool new kid on the block: Zox Straps.

“Collectable art for your wrist”

With tons of designs and an ever-growing collection, Zox Straps are the perfect accessory to wear out at your favorite Glow shows, music festivals, and EDM events. Even rising DJ star Zedd was spotted at Coachella rocking his Zox Straps! [1]

Zox Straps Glow Washington DC

What makes Zox Straps a “must have?”

These snazzy wristbands may seem simple but there’s a lot more to them than you think!

  • Super elastic, durable fabric, one size fits all
  • Many have QR codes stitched into them and offer special benefits and rewards for scanning
  • New designs are released once per week in limited production
  • Each Zox Strap has its own serial number — no two are the same!
  • Serial numbers 1-100 in each design come with gold stitching. Find one of these and you’re invited to the Zox Gold Club, where members can help design the next straps and get early access to new designs before the public.
  • Once a design is sold out, they’re gone for good — true collectors pieces
  • Available at ZoxStraps.com for only $7 each!

Glow Zox Straps

Yes, we have them! Only 1,500 are in circulation, so get your hands on these limited edition Glow Zox Straps before they’re all out! Available on Saturdays at the Glow merchandise table and Glow special events.

zox straps glow dc image

Get your Glow Zox Straps this summer. Limited supply, act fast!

Meet “the Bros”

Zox Straps is owned and managed by brothers Jason, Brandon, and Jordan Kuipers. Zox Straps kicked off in 2010 after Jason, a self-proclaimed sneakerhead, returned home for a family visit wearing a cool-looking wristband he designed to match his shoes. The wristbands caught on quickly, operations expanded, and Zox Straps was soon born.

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  1. Paul Stanton says:

    Really want to get my hands on one of these! Hit me back with details!!!

  2. Paula Strabbinig says:

    I am a Zox VIP in Michigan and I am one of only three VIP’s who have collected all of the Bros “Collection” straps in addition to as many of the “SOS!” and “Collabo” straps that I have been able to acquire through wonderful people like you. Is there any way I could purchase one of these awesome Glo Zox Straps from you and have you ship it to me in Hudsonville, MI? I would be so over the top excited and thankful if you would be willing to help me acquire one of these for my Zox strap collection. Please contact me and let me know that you are willing to help me.

    Thank you!

    Paula Strabbing
    Zox VIP, Hudsonville MI

  3. Hunter Phillips says:

    Can we buy these online?

  4. Paula Strabbinig says:

    I want one of these SO badly!!! Please tell me how a Zox-addict from Michigan can get her hands on this!!

  5. Ali Samadpour says:

    Turn these into $5 off deals for admission to select events. Show your band and get $5 off cover. Boom.

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