Glow Fan of the Week: The Panda

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We continue our new ‘Fan of the Week’ series with a piece on our boy Richard aka Panda. This guy is one of the nicest people in all of DC nightlife. The most shocking thing is that he (and his crew, who you’ll meet in future installments) drive to DC from Lancaster, PA nearly every week to experience Glow. That’s how much they f***ing love it. They came down to Lima, Fur, Josephine, Barcode, wherever we’ve had Glow in recent years, they’ve been there. And Richard is the glue.

Richard ‘Panda’ Nguyen

richard panda nguyen

1. First Glow event you ever went to?

My first ‘Glow event’ was at Fur on new years 01/01/11. I got to see Breakfast open for Ferry Corsten! Not only is Ferry one of my favorite DJs, it was my first ‘EDM’ show. Being a dedicated fan, it lead to me getting Ferry’s logo tattooed on my right arm. On 11/10/12 I was able to see him spin back to back with Markus Schulz at Echostage. That night was beyond amazing! I got to talk to Ferry and was able to get him to autograph my tattoo. Obviously, his signature was tattooed!

2. Top 5 DJs

Ferry Corsten, Dash Berlin, Above & Beyond, Kaskade, Gareth Emery

3. Define what it means to ‘get weird’

“Getting weird” really is just being able to be yourself around friends and complete strangers. Jumping around and listening to music. Not being worried about being judged on how you act or how much Jack and Cokes you drink throughout the night.

panda magic cards poker

4. Drink of choice?

Jack & Coke

5. Where do you live?

Lancaster, PA

6. What makes you awesome?

I’m a well establish Magic the Gathering and poker player. A lot of people know me as “panda”

7. Favorite track right now?

Sunlounger & Zara Taylor – Try To Be Love

8. Is ‘EDM’ more than just music? Explain.

‘EDM’ even though it is music, it allows people to be themselves. The genre of music, being able to gathering thousands of people together with the same passion for the music. I listen to edm because it relives stress and motivates me throughout the day. Some people would agree that it “sets the mood”

9. If you could improve 1 thing in the current scene what would it be?

This would be selfish but the only thing I’d improve would be to have a venue like echostage with Club Glow in Lancaster. Not having to drive down 2 hours every weekend would be nice. But it’s worth it!

10. What’s your best Glow moment?

04/07/11, a day after my birthday, I decided to see Roberto Gonzalez open for Dada Life at Lima. Not aware there was dress code I went down in a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. after driving 2 hours I get to Lima and the bouncer said I wasn’t allowed in due to my sneakers. I was pretty upset. Standing outside with no way in, I decided to walk around to look for shoes that were ‘appropriate’ to get inside. I walk down this ally and see this homeless guy. as he is asking me for change, I notice he was wearing ‘dress shoes.’ lol. Yeah… I asked him what he wanted for them. At the end I gave him my shoes and $20, made the exchange and walked back to Lima. The bouncers laughed at me and let me in! Overall, I got to see my Roberto open and Dada Life!

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richard panda magic cards

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