How Can You Spin at Glow?

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Thursday, January 5, 2012, 8:49pm. (Updated: 1/05/12 at 9:00pm) Add comments

The best way to DJ at Club Glow:

You might think some good ways are…

  • Coming to a show and throwing a promo mix at the DJ… NO! (but you should still come to the show)
  • Finding out who’s in charge of bookings and giving them a mix… NO! (but you should still come to the show and say hi)
  • Posting a link to your SoundCloud on the Glow Facebook Fan Page wall… NO!
  • Emailing your mix to someone’s email that you found… NO!
  • Spending years producing tracks, gaining popularity, and making a name for yourself… YES! (but that takes too long)
  • DJing around DC, developing a fan base and proving you’re good at DJing AND promoting… YES! (too long again)
  • Have some connected friends that will hook you up… YES! (but you still have to be a good DJ and bring people out)
  • Come out, be cool, make friends & have a mix that suits opening (ie not trance or anything produced by a Swede)… YES! (but everyone wants to be Avicii)

But the easiest way is this…

Catch our attention by doing something hilarious!

Evan Baker Wolfgang Gartner

Awesome fans that happen to DJ are the best!
He’s spun for us 3-4 times this year (thank god Evan & Tony are good DJs).
Logue came out, partied, was chill and spins some mean techno. We love techno!
Above all else – their friends come out with them 🙂

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  1. Van Martin says:

    I like your style! “actions speak louder than words”! Been there with my friends and always have the best time! Large group of us plan on being there for Cosmic Gate and Bringing my Mom for Emma Huett! Would love to be on the other side spinning doing my part in bringing the Trance family what they love to hear! Be seeing you later this month, Van Martin.

  2. Wizdom says:

    So this is the official way for a DJ to make a connection with Glow?

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