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By Ravi in Glow Washington DC, Show Reviews
Monday, August 23, 2010, 2:47am. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 10:09pm) Add comments

We asked Funkerman what all those remixes were. His response? “I only play about 20% actual songs. Everything is remixes, or how do you guys call it… bootlegs.” 80% bootlegs!!! 80% unreleased material!!! 80% music no one else has; music you can only hear live or set-ripped from Flamingo artists. And who better to hear it from than the head of the label!

Thursday was one of the most technically sound, utterly dirty, and unreleasedly (if that’s even a word) awesome nights since Glow began at Lima Lounge.

Funker was able to string together a myriad of bootlegged music from his own ‘Speed Up,’ to David Guetta – Love is Gone, Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling, Hide & Seek, Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream, Funkerman, Fedde Le Grand and Dany P-Jazz – New Life, ‘Born Slippy,’ and so much more. The Guetta, BEP and songs and Hide & Seek… you would have never even realized what it was until the lyrics popped (pun intended) out of nowhere. Poppy music was never so filthy techy, and delicious. The dance floor was mayhem the entire night. When he dropped ‘New Life’ it what like, whaaat whaaaaaaat. We’re not even sure that HE knew what the name of the bootleg was; just that it was the unreleased hotness that no one else but him and his people have.

There’s really not much else one can say. Funkerman was off the freaking chain, maaaan. Like… out of nowhere, boom ts clap chick boom ts clap chick. When you can’t ID a track because that particular mix is just that DL, that’s how you know it was a one of a kind experience. We cannot WAIT for his return to DC!!

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