It’s not like he needed to, but Marco V made a strong case for your DJ Magazine Top 100 vote on Thursday night. The poll often draws criticism for being nothing more than a popularity contest where shameless plugs, self-promotion, and mass spamming are all it takes to crack the top 10. Marco V could care less. He’s helped define the tech-house sub-genre of EDM. He’s been on top of his game so long we’re not sure rankings even matter to him (but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote). He’s Marco V for crying out loud!! He just may be the only DJ that can pull off techno, house and trance all in the same set. He cares about three things: the music, how it affects him and how it affects his fans. And THAT, is why he is one of the best. (that and all the DC trance addicts actually came out… so he MUST be worth it ☺)

Marco showed Glow why, at #50 in the world, he is the most underrated DJ out there. Smooth, proggy, building into a steady bounce, blasting airy vocals and back to that classic progressive tech-house sound he essentially helped create; Marco crafted his set with superb attention to detail. His charm and propensity for throwing a sick party is unmatched. His mixing skills: unparalleled. His track selection: epic and utterly exclusive as he dropped numerous tracks from his T.A.O. endeavor. Marco V is without a doubt the total package.

Highlights of the night (besides MV’s super hype attitude) included Marco V f. Benjamin Bates – WTNF, Marco V – Zero One, James Hannan – Kalliba, Kaskade – Dynasty (Dada Life Remix) and a roof blowing, bouncy, tech remix of Iio – Rapture.

For a man who has always pushed the envelope and forced EDM to create a new genre just for him; this tech-house master continues to push dance music in a positive direction. To relive the evening check out our youtube videos as well as our latest episode of Glow TV featuring Marco V!!!

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  1. Brad Piff says:

    Great review. The Rapture remix was Myon and Shane’s mashup with Dyor 🙂

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