Get to Know John Digweed [He's In DC Saturday: Glow at Fur]

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John Digweed has been on the cutting edge of progressive house music since 1995. He released the firs proper mix compilation on the Renaissance label and hasn’t looked back since, holding residencies around the globe and playing at shows and festivals like Fatboy Slim’s legendary crowd of 250,000 at Brighton Beach. Digweed also runs his own company, Bedrock, which is a label, club night, promotional organization, and producer alias (Digweed and Nick Muir) all in one.

Best known for his mix series including Renaissance, Northern Exposure, Bedrock, and Transitions, Digweed’s music has stood the test of time while still remaining relevant. While the new trend in electronic music seems to be the exaggeration to extremes of every subgenre, creating divisiveness and overly specific subcultures (see: dubstep vs. brostep), Digweed, ever the innovator, has been redefining the future of progressive house music.

As a raver inspired by the UK acid house scene in the early 90s, Digweed displays a varied taste in terms of influences. Techno basslines and clippy drums combine with trippy acid synths to bring the rave to a state of euphoria. It is important to remember that although Digweed is still one of the world’s top DJs, his background is in a different EDM culture than today’s scene. Back when DJs were primarily selectors of good music instead of rock stars with entourages and million-dollar light shows, Digweed made his bones by making and performing music. Today’s EDM scene owes him a lot, but that doesn’t mean he’s an anachronism.

Legendary DJs are legendary for a reason, and it’s not because they suck. Although many clubgoers today decide to go see a show because they know the performer’s music, oftentimes those musicians who concentrate on DJing are – wait for it – better DJs. As a man who has had the last 20 years of experience filling up dance floors and making them groove, Digweed is going to bring the house down at Fur on Saturday. There’s a lot of talk nowadays about the classification of electronic music – is this electro, progressive, techno, tech house, hard trance, breaks… – but it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that it’s all music. Digweed will transcend genre by infusing his set with elements of everything, bringing it all full circle. Don’t miss it.

Contributor: Max Rewak @mrewak

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