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Des McMahon & Rezilly at Club Glow Washington DCGLOW Washington DC presents:

Des McMahon

Bodega // Wicked Ent // NLA

Saturday September 18, 2010 at Fur Nightclub
33 Patterson St NE Washington DC
Doors Open at 10pm, Ages 18+

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2 DJs with the same dream. They spun local events in their hometowns; worked on remixes and re-edits; maintained their focus, passion and drive. They each had so many votes in the Glow iPad/DJ contest (along with Saam) that they were both selected to open at Glow. Rezilly (formerly Rez-E) for Wolfgang Gartner, Des for Sean Tyas. Each event blending perfectly with each DJs style. Each of their sets proving they’re each headed down a path to greatness.

Rezilly’s opening set for Wolfgang was unbelievable! Wild, thumping electro; hard synths dazzling across pumping bass; and of course, the energy he emits contends with that of any Top 100 DJ.

Des impressed Sean Tyas so much with his opening set, that the fellow Discover Records artist brought Des back at the end of the night for a tag-team closing set. Des spins hard, fast and relentless. It’s the kind of trance you want to be hearing at the end of the night. The kind of trance that breaths new life into a party!{tab=Bio}
Amidst an early millennial soundscape populated by boy bands, hip-hop infused R&B crooners and alternative grunge rock, he rose. Growing taller than rap music from the dirty south, higher than force fed patriotic country music, beyond Brittney Spears, Philadelphia native Des McMahon managed to climb the beanstalk and find the golden egg that is electronic dance music.

The seed, planted by late 90’s trance, 303 acid lines and the East Coast rave scene, fertilized by Armin van Buuren’s “A State of Trance 2006” and finally pruned by the sounds of artists like Sean Tyas, Simon Pattersnon and John O’Callaghan; that seed brought Des McMahon to where he stands today, a star burning bright, yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, trance scientists across the globe like John Askew, Mark Sherry, Lee Haslam, Adam Foley, Will Atkinson, Philly’s own Tom Colontonio and his primary influence, Sean Tyas, have experimented with the trance potions of Des McMahon.

Characterized by his emphasis on hard percussion, plucked melodies and 303’s, Des McMahon’s productions have been signed and released on labels including Kubik Records, BansheeWorx, Stampgevaar Digital and Soup Recordings. You can hear his most potent concoctions via the iTunes Music Store, Beatport, or Audiojelly. McMahon’s radio show “East Coast Energy” can be heard on the first Sunday of every month at 7pm EST on 1Mix Radio (check your iTunes or visit

Cited as a producer to watch for in 2010 by Will Atkinson (, Des has been relentless in the laboratory as of late, filling beakers with kicks, vials with filters and blowing holes in the wall with melodic interludes laced with gut wrenching drops. His natural instinct when it comes to the production formula is awe-inspiring, yet he remains unsatisfied.

Driven not by money, power, women or fame, Des remains humble, seeking the enchanted connection that exists between DJ and audience. Focused and driven, McMahon’s inspiration comes from you, the listener; derived from the pain of being on the outside looking in and the knowledge that we may stand united, fused by instinct, emotion and music from the hand of a DJ.
Funky, crazy & wild. These are only but a few words used to describe a dance floor during a set by DC’s Rezilly. Born in America with Iranian blood flowing through his veins, Rezilly has always been obsessed with dance music since he was a kid. He began DJing parties at the age of 14 and has been producing since he was 18. As years have passed he’s began to make quite a name for himself by opening for artists such as Wale, Jason Derulo, Wolfgang Gartner & Dieselboy. He’s also played in a number of clubs in the DC area including Lima, Midtown, Current, Eyebar & Club 24.

In May 2010 Rez-E graduated from JMU with degrees in Justice Studies, Spanish, and Music Industry. After gaining his newfound knowledge as well as experience from college, Rez-E is ready to take on the industry one mix at a time.{tab=Video}


La Casa Mixtape #7 (W Drops) by Rez-E

Rez-E @ Sweet Spot l 10-28-10 by Rez-E {/tabs}

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