Steve Duda Club Glow Lemur Touch Screen Xfer records Nerve drum machine ableton live

Steve takes a few minutes after his set at Glow Washington DC to explain his badass Live DJ setup to us in great detail using Ableton, Nerve, Monome 256, and a Lemur! Its a Glow TV exclusive!

Join us as we talk to Max Vangeli about his music backstage, then jump on the dancefloor to see him ripping up the party at Glow at Lima!

Max Vangeli returns to GLOW on Thu 3/31 at Fur Nightclub with Steve Angello and AN21 at the Size Matters Tour!

Glow TV: The Crystal Method

TCM got busy… child. At Club Glow

Glow TV: Marco V

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Glow TV: Marco V

Relive Marco’s brilliant set. Find out his thoughts on T.A.O., Sander van Doorn and the future of EDM.

Relive your Glow experience with Glow TV. Take it wherever you go with Glow Radio!

Benny Benassi's Favorite DJ is... Pete Moutso from Glow DC??

Benny Benassi and Pete Moutso messing around in the DJ Booth at Glow Washington DC towards the end of Benny’s amazing set at Glow on May 22nd 2010.

As he turns to pack up, I ask him “Benny, Who’s your favorite DJ in the world??”

ALL older Pictures and Videos

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ALL older Pictures and Videos

All the old pictures and videos are still up and working. They haven’t been lost, we just haven’t had the opportunity to integrate them into the new site. This page has the links to all the old stuff!

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