Top 5 Reasons to see Sander K at Lima

By Ravi in Dance Music, dc lounges, DC Nightlife, Glow Washington DC
Wednesday, July 7, 2010, 2:50am. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 10:02pm) Add comments
Top 5 Reasons to see Sander K at Lima

We’ve been owed a set by Sanker K at Glow for some time now. The visual effects are going to be SICK!!!

Sander Kleinenberg | Thursday July 8 at Lima

By Ravi in Past Events
Thursday, May 27, 2010, 4:29pm. (Updated: 10/24/13 at 10:14pm) Add comments

This is Sander Kleinenberg!! A favorite of the late Rich Webb, the DJ Mag #70 brings a vibe that truly embodies sexy house music. With recent chart toppers (see music section) coupled with his truly unique video DJ sets, Sander K is a must see!! This guy is a legend and still pushing the envelope.

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